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diluted in a sentence

1. diluted, it is indefinite potential".

2. Sherbet is drunk diluted with cold water.

3. It was a diluted version of Exhibition.

4. In South Carolina, the honor was diluted;

5. It can also be diluted into a beverage.

6. This is calculated on a fully diluted basis.

7. A diluted caustic brine leaves the cell.

8. It, however, diluted power in the boyarstvo.

9. It is also diluted with water.

10. Calculations of diluted EPS vary.

11. Cheaper varieties can be diluted with apples.

12. We diluted our quality.

13. Note this value is the diluted concentration.

14. The tests show low sodium and diluted urine.

15. Diluted with water it is used as a lotion.

16. This is then diluted;

17. It can be diluted with water.

18. This mixture is diluted to form a slurry.

19. It is drunk diluted with water or ice.

20. Color used as a dye can be diluted.

21. It is ten times diluted potato juice.

22. The wine was diluted with a mixture of herbs.

23. Amendments are diluted 500-1000:1 for use.

24. The stake was diluted to 18.34% in 1996.

25. It was diluted to 76.429% in December 2011.

26. She diluted the milk with water.

27. And the polluted water will be diluted.

28. between $2.50 and $2.70 per diluted share.

29. can be diluted with fruit juice or water.

30. The injected drug was diluted with the talc.