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No. sentence
1 In this case, their stake will be massively diluted.
2 She diluted the milk with water.
3 barsh colours of the painting diluted in the strong light.
4 quality of the book is diluted by the bad writing.
5 If you're bothered by Browning, dip them in diluted lemon juice first.
6 Then they took a rubber glove, pricked pinholes3) in a finger, diluted4) some milk and offered it to the fawn, who drank eagerly.
7 hot water will break down the starch in the grain, turning it into a sugary substance called wort, which is then diluted, boiled, and transferred to a fermentation tank.
8 But if more diluted weapons-grade uranium isn't secured soon, the pipeline could run dry, with ramifications for consumers, as well as some American utilities and their Russian suppliers.
9 In one test, participants got a so-called health tonic of diluted, but unpleasant tasting vinegar.
10 And even modest changes will be endlessly diluted.
11 fresh water constantly flew into the glass and the dirtied water was diluted and brimmed over.
12 Pollution in the area will have become worse because as the water evaporates, pollutants in the water become more concentrated and less diluted.
13 Those in tablet form usually need to be diluted or crushed, since much of the effect of a homeopathic remedy occurs in the mouth.
14 Overuse, misuse, improper dosing and the use of substandard or diluted medicines all contribute to the rise of resistance.
15 Impounded food is buried, and tainted milk is diluted to acceptable levels of radioactivity and sold to consumers, she says.
16 However, in sewage, these chemicals become diluted and bacteria have evolved resistance to them.
17 If the thick mucus could be diluted into a more WATERY consistency, it would be wafted upward by the tiny hairs in the wind pipe, bronchioles, and the lungs. Coughing would not occur.
18 terms of wind and raw solar energy, the flow is exceptionally diluted: solar is ten to fifty times less concentrated than fossil fuel.
19 But if Neanderthal DNA existed in modern man's genes, he believes it will have been diluted below detectable levels.
20 That means persuading the government, which does not want its 59% stake diluted, to stump up: not an easy task.
21 New Star philosophy of rewarding managers with bonuses in shares, not cash, looks threadbare now that the shares will be both heavily diluted and delisted from the London Stock Exchange.
22 This pesticide is diluted with water and applied directly to the fields.
23 Vaccine filling and release: the batch of vaccine is diluted to give the desired concentration of antigen, and put into vials or syringes, and labeled. A number of these are then tested.
24 is little surprise that shareholders are doubtful, particularly because they are being diluted out of nearly half the company.
25 The researchers gave 14 healthy volunteers either green tea, diluted caffeine or hot water and then measured the function of endothelial cells lining the circulatory system.
26 Using diluted nougat and caramel waste, their findings reveal an environmentally-friendly method of producing what is believed to be the clean energy source of the future.
27 That seemed clear enough, but things got tricky when the nonwhite ancestor was a grandparent or a great-grandparent and the minority blood became increasingly diluted.
28 If it does, she said, people shouldn’t expect oil to coat Atlantic beaches and wildlife. That’s because some oil will evaporate, be eaten by microbes, and become diluted in sea water.
29 Its shares fell 16% the next day, following complaints that Nomura's expansion plans lacked detail and diluted existing shareholders.
30 Mediobanca, for instance, is believed to discourage the firm from using shares to make acquisitions because it does not want its stake in the insurer to be diluted.