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digital television in a sentence

1. Digital television transition started in late 2000s.

2. UHF channels are still used for digital television.

3. One company provides digital television via IPTV;

4. In 2007 there was a digital television switchover.

5. FM radio: DVB-T2 digital television:

6. 56 for digital television both outside the A Group.

7. SBS Radio. JOVR-DTV - SBS Digital Television.

8. RSK Okayama Digital Television.

9. JOGR-DTV - RAB Digital Television.

10. JOTR-DTV - ABS Digital Television.

11. JOEF-DTV - YBC Digital Television Yamagata.

12. In 2012, LNK switched to Digital television.

13. Every pay-TV provider offers digital television.

14. IPTV interactive digital television.

15. See Digital television transition.

16. a digital television editing lab;

17. KeyFly is a platform for digital television.

18. WVIF never operated a digital television station.

19. KINC-DT and KELV-LP Digital Television Equipment.

20. Digital television technology emerged recently.

21. BBC Digital Television Foreword and Overview.

22. Digital television in Australia comes in many forms:

23. In 2015, TVT migrated to digital television.

24. Digital television transition took place in 2 stages.

25. The site now only delivers DVB-T digital television.

26. Engineering for Digital Television categories.

27. It ranked seventh on digital television overall.

28. The service was unavailable on digital television.

29. Africa is going through digital television migration.

30. Digital television transition in India began in 2010.