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digestion in a sentence

1. HsdR is required for restriction digestion;

2. These release ascorbate upon digestion.

3. Digestion can take a long time.

4. Silage may be used for anaerobic digestion.

5. They feed by extracellular digestion.

6. This results in incomplete digestion.

7. it is claimed that this helps the digestion.

8. this step is a digestion.

9. This is called extracellular digestion.

10. Digestion is generally extracellular.

11. here, the digestion is extracellular.

12. here the digestion is intracellular.

13. assist in the fish's digestion.

14. It also swallows grit to aid digestion.

15. and aids digestion if taken after a meal.

16. favourable effect on digestion;

17. Digestion begins in the mouth.

18. Water plays an important part in digestion.

19. Lastly, the digestion ends in the anus.

20. chemical digestion.

21. Digestion with Xba produced eight fragments.


23. "Intracellular Digestion".

24. In sharks, digestion can take a long time.

25. ATIs resist proteolytic digestion.

26. The process of digestion has three stages.

27. Many events can disrupt digestion.

28. Food intolerance can disrupt digestion.

29. Another aspect is digestion;

30. As a tea, it also AIDS digestion.