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diffusion problems in a sentence

1. An anamniotic terrestrial egg is less than 1 cm in diameter due to diffusion problems, a size which puts a limit on the amount of posthatching growth.

2. He joined Feynman's T-4 (Diffusion Problems) Group, which was part of Hans Bethe's T (Theoretical) Division.

3. It has been suggested that shelled terrestrial eggs without extraembryonic membranes could still not have been more than about 1 cm (0.4 inch) in diameter because of diffusion problems, like the inability to get rid of carbon dioxide if the egg was larger.

4. However, in cases of convection-diffusion problems with high Péclet numbers, W-Cycle can show superiority in its rate of convergence per iteration over F-Cycle.

5. The Crank–Nicolson method is often applied to diffusion problems.

6. The direct discontinuous Galerkin (DDG) method is a new discontinuous Galerkin method for solving diffusion problems.

7. This causes increased energy expenditure, and an elevated blood pCO₂ and bicarbonate called chronic respiratory acidosis, possibly due to diffusion problems.

8. The hybrid difference scheme is a method used in the numerical solution for convection–diffusion problems.

9. Hybrid difference scheme is a method used in the numerical solution for convection-diffusion problems.

10. False-diffusion errors in numerical solutions of convection-diffusion problems, in two- and three-dimensions, arise from the numerical approximations of the convection term in the conservation equations.

11. The upwind differencing scheme is a method used in numerical methods in computational fluid dynamics for convection–diffusion problems.

12. There were five groups in this division and Ashkin was assigned to group 4, Diffusion Problems.

13. The methods used for solving two dimensional Diffusion problems are similar to those used for one dimensional problems.

14. Bethe's T Division, particularly Serber's T-2 (Diffusion Theory) Group and Feynman's T-4 (Diffusion Problems) Groups, would spend the next few months working on improved models.

15. He worked at Los Alamos National Laboratory on diffusion problems during the Manhattan Project and was present at the Trinity Test.