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No. sentence
1 We should spurn at the difficulties but not look down upon them.
2 Thank Him for the difficulties in life that have caused you to recognize your spiritual needs, to mourn over sin, and to submit to His authority.
3 However, she cautions that it is difficult to capture accurate readings of sulfur dioxide from the satellites due to difficulties detecting the gas low to the ground, where it is most abundant.
4 Our technical revolution is blazing its way forward through all the difficulties and advancing victoriously.
5 You need to lighten up about difficulties in life.
6 It means facing difficulties without denial, as well as fully enjoying the beauty of each moment.
7 Despite the many difficulties that are difficult to describe, he Teether persevered.
8 He persevered in learning English in face of difficulties.
9 Whenever we met with difficulties, they came to help us.
10 However great the difficulties may be, we can overcome them.
11 I have not understood enough of your difficulties and suffering.
12 Our temporary difficulties will soon ravel out.
13 The owner said pets are the only companion of many lonely elderly people, but some have had to send their pet to animal shelters due to economic difficulties.
14 She might have her own difficulties.
15 If only you have difficulties with him then you need to examine yourself and your relationship with him.
16 With his stammer, it was much easier to say "No problem" than to start picking difficulties.
17 But I also sympathise with the difficulties of the cafe owner.
18 Besides the competing interests of provincial and district governments, infrastructure development also has to contend with the difficulties of land acquisition.
19 After all, when we lie to ourselves and to others, we multiply a thousand fold the inherent difficulties we have trying to determine what is actually going on inside us and around us.
20 Many IDS systems have difficulties analysing SSL traffic. This is not a problem for ModSecurity because it is positioned to work when the traffic is decrypted and decompressed.
21 China understands and sympathizes with needy countries' difficulties because the country itself has experienced poverty and under-development before it turns modern.
22 We should not overlook the difficulties.
23 In my personality, I am not afraid of any difficulties with fortitude like boys, some people may say that I am a naughty girl when they meet me.
24 If you undertake the project, you are bound to encounter difficulties.
25 One of the difficulties in understanding a topic like di is the amount of coupling this topic has with other, unrelated topics.
26 Those who believe that transparency has inherent value, or that it should be the norm, may initially have difficulties with this approach.
27 When a baby is conceived with the same rare blood group as its father, then the mother will have difficulties with further pregnancies.
28 the difficulties are suspicions that another northerner, Sherkhan Farnood, the bank's whisky-swilling, poker-playing former chairman, has a "black book" of dirt to dish on top politicians.
29 They overcame all kinds of difficulties by dint of an indomitable spirit.
30 All these would be welcome changes of substance and symbolism. But even this short list will throw up difficulties.