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No. sentence
1 We knew it was difficult to recover a body because any corpse left in the wild will be eaten but we thought we could learn the name of the man" Musole said.
2 We will tackle this difficult problem.
3 He soon turned his attention to the difficult problem.
4 How to improve the quality of products was a difficult problem to him.
5 But this is a difficult exercise: Looking at the state of international relations theory, one quickly realizes the absence of consensus about the best way to think about global politics.
6 But missile attacks on ships are rare, so it is difficult to know just how safe a ship really is-especially if an attacker launches a dozen or so missiles at once.
7 likely answer is a little of both, but the question highlights how difficult it can be to have a perspective on what’s big and what’s small.
8 This increased coupling makes your classes more difficult to maintain and enhance; therefore, it should be avoided.
9 So if I'm going in orbit like this, I either fire my rocket like this, or I fire my rocket like this, but that is difficult enough what we do now.
10 International comparisons are sometimes difficult because some nations only have information on married women, explained William Mosher, an author of the new report.
11 Just under a fifth dont redeem their points indicating that members are either not engaged with the programme or that redemptions are far to difficult to transact.
12 He made a difficult climb.
13 This little incident not only brought warmth and joy into my heart... it brought a realization into my mind: I can either have a stressed, difficult day... or I can have an amazing, wonderful day.
14 However, she cautions that it is difficult to capture accurate readings of sulfur dioxide from the satellites due to difficulties detecting the gas low to the ground, where it is most abundant.
15 In India and most other parts of the world, land acquisition for large-scale projects is a very difficult and laborious process.
16 Descriptive sentences that are not about social contracts or risk (" people from California are patient; John is patient ", etc) are as difficult for normal people to deal with as colours and Numbers.
17 I found English much more difficult to learn.
18 It is difficult to readjust ourselves to life in a foreign country in a short time.
19 In both towns accommodation just before, during and immediately after the festivals is very difficult to come by, and rates usually double or treble.
20 In some countries with a tradition of state-owned public broadcasting, it is difficult, if not impossible, for independent media to secure a place in the broadcast spectrum.
21 Yuxi" word 19 paintings for the FY-shield month, a hard lot of difficult, serious, can cause the insolvency of the number of killed is not Kyrgyzstan.
22 Zhaotong lignite is a kind of cherry coal, therefore, its crushing is difficult.
23 Opponents naturally point out that simplified characters have dominated on the mainland China for more than 50 years and it would be extremely difficult and costly to change that.
24 In fact, those thousands of hours of forced work at math, done for a grade and not for fun or for any practical use, are what make math seem so difficult and intimidating.
25 is often difficult to forbear from expressing one's opinion.
26 We are divided on these issues, these are difficult issues, there is a lot of disagreement.
27 My daughter weighs about 45 pounds, and to carry her around for any length of time would be very difficult.
28 It is still quite difficult because he is 18, still a teenager. But he will engage and talk to me. We have been on holiday together.
29 Despite the many difficulties that are difficult to describe, he Teether persevered.
30 Such regulations have made it difficult for women to pursue a sport, but some have 11)persevered .