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different tissues in a sentence

1. Specific events are dependent on threshold values for different tissues.

2. Specific events are dependent on threshold values for different tissues.

3. This causes different tissues to develop in different ways.

4. The subunit composition is highly variable across different tissues.

5. What is commonly called bark includes a number of different tissues.

6. Different tissues contain calcium in different concentrations.

7. There was also variation in different tissues and mammalian species.

8. Nerve terminals may take different forms in different tissues.

9. In these images different tissues show up as different levels of grey.

10. Because of this, cerberin will have different effects in different tissues.

11. To be verified in different tissues.

12. In some cases different family members are expressed in different tissues.

13. Ligaments are composed of two different tissues: white and yellow.

14. U-II has a variety of effects on different tissues.

15. Different tissues have different T1 values.

16. ATXN2 is ubiquitously expressed in different tissues.

17. In addition, fluorescent probes can be targeted to many different tissues.

18. Editing seems to be differentially regulated in different tissues.

19. The Bok gene is activated and produces protein in different tissues.

20. It is expressed in a number of different tissues.

21. These illnesses concern many different tissues and structures.

22. The RIC stimulus can be applied to different tissues in the body.

23. The protein was found to be expressed in numerous different tissues.

24. C3orf62 is expressed in more than 30 different tissues;

25. However, expression levels can differ between T cells in different tissues.

26. Many different tissues can be used to analyze methylation.

27. C1orf141 is expressed in 30 different tissues but primarily in the testes.

28. of esterase isozymes were shown in different tissues and organs.

29. Changes of invertase activity in different tissues of C. unshiu Marc Var.

30. Different protein isoforms are distributed in different tissues.