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different terms in a sentence

1. These different terms are being used in different parts of the world.

2. A number of different terms for mathematical statements exist;

3. Different terms are used to describe infections.

4. Flat races can be run under varying distances and on different terms.

5. The older literature has used several different terms.

6. or (2) asymmetric—where different investors have different terms.

7. The three different terms have no legal distinction.

8. Moreover, different fields of endeavor may employ different terms.

9. Many different terms are used to describe this class.

10. The two houses of the National Assembly have two different terms.

11. Different terms are used for similar groupings in other species;

12. However, the state's other public institutions use different terms.

13. Various dialects of the Chinese language use different terms.

14. Each calls for different terms and conditions.

15. Federal judges have different terms in office.

16. Other writers use different terms for the same pattern.

17. or (2) asymmetric—where different investors have different terms.

18. The different terms are used in different countries and fields.

19. Rail passes are issued according to different terms of use.

20. The underlying message remains the same albeit with different terms.

21. Different terms are used to describe what is being smelled.

22. It does not explicitly address what to do with different terms.

23. Other scholars have used different terms to describe atmatusti.

24. In other parts of the world, different terms are used.

25. Different terms are used for the origin of a narration.

26. The two terms imply different terms of protection under the law.

27. Twelve people were imprisoned for different terms.

28. Other scales define a cobble's size in slightly different terms.

29. In American English, different terms are more usual.

30. Battle passes may be called different terms depending on the game.