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No. sentence
1 Many different qualities go towards the making of an astronaut.
2 They had volunteers watch video clips of a woman saying different simple phrases, such as “the square box,” or “peel the banana.
3 He was a broken branch grafted onto a different family tree, adopted, not because his parents opted for a different destiny.
4 So if the results are different, do you branch or not?
5 These pianos are of different widths.
6 The growth and ripening process of bananas, however, is different.
7 Creating a minimalist diet is about paring food quantity and preparation to the essential and experimenting with different types of food to create a simple culinary delight.
8 For example, booking would be an entity for booking for a hotel room, but there are different types of bookings: advance; immediate; priority; and so on.
9 However, parents, teachers and students take on quite different views and, consequently, they seem not to have reached any compromises yet.
10 It can be developed, processed, and deployed in many different environments — from mobile systems such as phones and PDAs to print environments.
11 Our customers have told us they don't want to download music to their work computers or phones because they find it hard to move music around to different devices.
12 Chris eng (Veracode) explained the different security testing methods like static, dynamic, manual testing and fuzzing and the strengths and limitations of each of them.
13 But what he sees will be quite different.
14 Some are in your line of business, while others may be in an entirely different industry.
15 She muddled all the different kinds of books together on one shelf.
16 Swallowing your pride took on a whole new different meaning for me as I swallowed my first bite of rat meat.
17 There will be several different security domains, each of which have different access controls and restrictions.
18 This would allow customers using multiple tools built by different parts of IBM to have a more integrated experience as they switched from one tool to another.
19 sister edition was not entirely faithful to the original today. Both featured the same picture - of a missile destroyer - but struck different notes with their headlines.
20 China's missile might be vulnerable, some experts say, to America's newest Aegis intercept missiles, which are launched from ships. But a different type of countermeasure could be even more effective.
21 We do this by specifying a static date/time value in executed reports so that different date/time values do not appear when comparing source and target output.
22 More often that not, Chris will take you up on one or two of your ideas, or the offer may prompt him to come up with something different entirely.
23 They rearranged the books of the library in a completely different way.
24 Chocolate and vanilla have different flavours.
25 This item belongs under a different heading.
26 Don't lump all these different problems together.
27 The criteria will be different from those that pertain elsewhere.
28 You have to accustom yourself gradually to the different hours of work that your new post entails.
29 The professor discoursed at length on how students from different language backgrounds make the same kinds of mistakes in the use of articles.
30 Life often seems to be marked off into different periods: childhood, schooldays, marriage, old age, for example.