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No. sentence
1 If he differed from his minister, he would kill him.
2 Trends in arithmetical average incomes and median household incomes have differed in the us for a variety of reasons.
3 This candidate differed from the others.
4 Sometimes I interviewed multiple generations within the same family, to get different perspectives on making money and keeping it, to see how they differed between patriarchs and scions.
5 At first, the experimental and reference paddles differed only in size, not shape.
6 length of the lever of bone that the Achilles tendon pulls on also differed, being a quarter shorter in sprinters.
7 pattern of the damage differed from that found in head injuries not caused by blasts, and matched computer simulations predicting how explosions would affect the brain, Dr. Brody said.
8 In eastern Europe, in Poland, Lithuania, Bulgaria and Romania, governments differed in their response to the Japanese accidents.
9 early 1890s, Cezanne painted five pieces on the theme of card players. They differed through their format, the number of characters and the significance of the decor.
10 If poker were truly a game of luck, then the winnings of the 12% of entrants marked as specially gifted ought not to have differed significantly from those made by the rest.
11 Elementary science and history revealed a way of thinking about the world that differed from my experience among the changelings.
12 Lucy's species differed from modern humans in ways that might have created gait disparities, in his view.
13 Some commentators said Zhang's opinions differed from the law, which stipulates drunken driving is a crime, regardless of whether the driver causes additional problems.
14 course and rate of the shift of virulence differed from different resistant varieties as a result of their diversities in both resistant mechanism and genetic background.
15 Supposedly authoritative, the Italian translation differed seriously from the German original on the vital issues of euthanasia and birth control.
16 This embodiment of a d'Urberville and a namesake differed even more from what Tess had expected than the house and grounds had differed.
17 But since these Banks were private, and differed widely in their standards, their notes were accorded different values. In effect, the country had lots of "monies."
18 effect of nitrogen fertilizer on accumulation of Pb differed with cultivars.
19 Even back then, early in the war, his opinion differed considerably from Lees, for it appeared to him that we like fighting plenty, and the more terrible it is the better.
20 The basic design of both tools was identical, but the implementation differed.
21 But the researchers learned that these feelings differed from nation to nation.
22 No explanation was given for why the multiplication factor in 2010 differed from that of 2002.
23 At the time, people imagined that their two legs differed in shape and that 'normally' one was more becoming than the other.
24 or downplayed in most of the stories about the finding this week, however, is that the scores typically differed by just a few points on the various tests.
25 But since these Banks were private, and differed widely in their standards, their notes were accorded different values.In effect, the country had lots of "monies."
26 Python's lists, dictionaries, basic statements and use of indentation differed from what ABC had.
27 But the speed of recovery differed dramatically; Japan endured a decade of economic stagnation, whereas South Korea returned to growth within two years of its 1997 banking disaster.
28 The global maps above show temperature anomalies; that is, how temperatures in June through August 2010 (top image) and 2009 (bottom) differed from the mean temperatures from 1951-1980.
29 I differed with my partner sometimes, but we usually agree.
30 The few minutes of the rescue effort that we were able to see differed from those that I have seen in other parts of the world.