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differ in a sentence

121. they differ in certain respects.

122. Treatment models for MMT differ.

123. Sources differ on who this was.

124. Loyalties differ in legitimacy.

125. At this point, Accounts differ.

126. Survival rates differ by region.

127. US and UK standards may differ.

128. Other critics tended to differ.

129. This may differ between coasts.

130. The lessons differ by language.

131. State procedures differ widely.

132. Again 1 and 2 Maccabees differ.

133. The characters may also differ.

134. Word order in languages differ.

135. At this point, versions differ.

136. Other scientists' views differ.

137. The sexes differ in appearance.

138. US and UK standards may differ.

139. Poverty rates differ by states.

140. The appended poems also differ.

141. Accounts of his capture differ.

142. The filaments differ in length.

143. The sides of the church differ.

144. that females differ in quality;

145. Model numbers differ by region.

146. Reports of the incident differ.

147. Sources differ on usable range.

148. Sail plan and hull form differ.

149. The title page may also differ.

150. On one point I differ from you.