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differ in a sentence

61. rush hour times will differ.

62. the various sources differ.

63. Sources differ on why he did;

64. sometimes they would differ.

65. Loyalties differ in strength.

66. Other city officials differ.

67. Names for the breed differ.

68. Theories differ as to why.

69. Modern authorities differ.

70. Accounts differ on his end.

71. Sources differ on her fate.

72. The series differ greatly;

73. The reasons for this differ;

74. Published accounts differ.

75. Vegetables differ by season;

76. European models may differ.

77. The sexes differ in plumage.

78. The sexes differ in plumage.

79. They differ in face colour.

80. The sexes differ slightly;

81. They differ in curriculum.

82. Their lives differ as well.

83. traditions and texts differ.

84. True pronunciations differ;

85. After this accounts differ.

86. They differ among countries.

87. Characters' upgrades differ.

88. But some places may differ.

89. sources differ on the date.

90. There tastes differ a lot.