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1 So what explains this dichotomy between share prices and fundamentals?
2 Faced with this dichotomy, investors who buy both Treasury bonds and gold are not displaying cognitive dissonance. They are just hedging their bets.
3 duality or dichotomy of the above specifics should be clearly understood.
4 Let's explore the inclusion principle, which allows us to forget about the dichotomy between "them" and "us" so deeply ingrained in our social interactions.
5 Businesses are experiencing an undeniable dichotomy between the desirability of creativity and their willingness to encourage it.
6 involves a kind of naturalizing beyond the dichotomy of transcendent metaphysics and reductionist physicalism, that's a special kind of naturalization.
7 With his music and persona both marked by a flawed honesty, Kanye's man-myth dichotomy is at once modern and truly classic.
8 This crude dichotomy misses the nub of the issue: that the benefits of growth have been unevenly, and often unfairly, spread around.
9 Oneness can also be seen in terms of the classic in-group out-group dichotomy in social psychology.
10 the very idea reeks of the 20th-century ideologies that the model is vaunted as replacing: a time when two superpowers clashed and an ideological dichotomy reigned.
11 looking at 200 fairy tales by the Brothers Grimm, a rough scoring of the male and female characters reveals a strong dichotomy.
12 It is surprising to encounter the old dichotomy between engineered function and designed meaning at the end of a treatise that has so skillfully dismantled one such invidious dualism after another.
13 Carr, an American commentator on the digital revolution, faces a similar dichotomy.
14 again, perhaps this is a false dichotomy and the answer hangs precariously somewhere in the middle.
15 Definition: in false dichotomy, the arguer sets up the situation so it looks like there are only two choices.
16 The dichotomy had to deal with the difference between EJBs and a special breed of creatures called dependent objects .
17 Some experts say this dichotomy explains why Silicon Valley firms that strike out abroad have sometimes been the targets of European Union data watchdogs.
18 It is first showing that this wrong dichotomy which was existing between treatment versus prevention is not anymore useful, " he said.
19 choose one or the other is a false dichotomy that obstructs most people from making progress in their lives.
20 the end, says Dr Krystal, the dichotomy between the valid and the useful may turn out to be a false one.
21 The first "final release" of the EJB 2.0 specification (as well as the previous drafts of the 2.0 specification) introduced a peculiar dichotomy into the world of EJBs.
22 That way of putting it assumes a simplistic nature-nurture dichotomy.
23 Now, in a fascinating twist, modern physics challenges the ancient dichotomy between substance and void.
24 Typifies this dichotomy when they make a mistaken distinction between document oriented web services and RPC style web services.
25 But we think this is a false dichotomy, " he continued.
26 I don't like that dichotomy.
27 The dichotomy has led to decades of research in mathematics and physics, including the discovery of "fake" four-dimensional Spaces by Simon Donaldson in 1984.
28 In my experience, the dichotomy between these markup levels poses the biggest challenge for XML editing tools to handle gracefully.
29 What you are describing is an environment where this dichotomy doesn't exist.
30 This survey highlights the dichotomy in all of us, "Berman said."