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No. sentence
1 Then when you start combining the use of transaction management and compensations with your business processes, you have some real nice abstractions to work with as you develop your applications.
2 She feels boxed in at the fatiguing work and wishes greater freedom to develop her ideas.
3 Whether you will or will not be with the company in the future, I acknowledge your need to develop professionally as Agile practitioners and commit to invest in your education/training.
4 China was the first country in the world to cultivate silkworms and develop silk weaving. More than 3,000 years ago, sericulture and silk weaving were already significantly developed.
5 But what of the resources we rely on to sustain and develop our technology?
6 Or there may be positions that I mention, but I don't develop, because I'm not perhaps sympathetic to them, and you might find somebody who is sympathetic to them, developing them in the readings.
7 Regulate neurotic of after balance appear mess, the basic metabolism descends, the metabolism cans not develop smoothly, either.
8 So I'm trying to develop my management skills by whining as accurately as possible.
9 We began to develop a new industrial site.
10 To develop music education in Yuxi, we should pay attention to the mass & local education of music and combine the education of appreciation with the teaching.
11 Suggestions for poor mountain areas in Chuxiong to develop green industry are put forward.
12 We will experience their firsttraining session, the conflicts and relationships they may develop with thepolice and other offenders at the club.
13 We should develop the students' ability to analyse and solve problems.
14 Take grain as the key link, develop a diversified economy and ensure an all-round development.
15 The Philippines’ tourism ministry has pushed to promote and develop many of its prized islands and to draw more visitors than the usual weekenders from Manila or honeymooners from Korea.
16 We know that a form of selection occurs within our brains as we develop and learn - synaptic connections and pathways that work well are reinforced, whereas weak ones deteriorate.
17 But some people don't develop unique dermal ridges on their fingers, and thus, do not have fingerprints.
18 And molecular markers show that the five true fingers develop together in a mole embryo, with the outsized sesamoid cropping up later.
19 He's young but has Premier League experience and he's someone who can continue to develop his game.
20 He envisages outstanding schools opening their classrooms not only to new teachers but also to older ones who want to develop their skills.
21 We develop in iterations, but our iterations are not about completing the next feature or advancing down the feature list.
22 If a discovery is patented, the next step is for the university or NIH technology licensing office to find a commercial partner to develop its professors' discoveries.
23 In harsh northern climes, mountain cherry trees develop a tough, fibrous bark that can be easily peeled horizontally, but is extremely strong vertically.
24 It took awhile for this to develop, but in 2010, for the first time ever, we Americans drank more wine than the French.
25 One of the most sensitive questions in both countries is whether China will develop overseas bases to support and expand its reach, and whether the US should extend its existing system.
26 Since the bad guys are already doing it, he told a spam-fighting conference in Amsterdam in June, the good guys should do it too, in order to develop more secure designs.
27 Men's faces are shaped by testosterone, which helps develop a larger lower face and jaw and a prominent brow.
28 There are two directions for the events to develop. Both the Aries, and the Scorpio possess a large amount of physical energy.
29 There are two directions for the events to develop. Both the Aries, and the Scorpio possess a large amount of physical energy. They are both inclined to act.
30 And as increasing amounts of work are project-based, you need to develop team cohesion and focus quickly despite rapid changes in the mix of the team.