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detecting in a sentence

1. There are many methods of detecting exoplanets.

2. Moose usually flee upon detecting wolves.

3. detecting, intercepting and sending signals;

4. 'Alarm calls' are given out on detecting predators.

5. This is an important way of detecting aromaticity.

6. He is skilled in detecting and creating forgeries.

7. Its use in detecting melanoma has been reported.

8. Detecting the glow requires a fairly dark room.

9. The detecting material is 250 µm thick silicon.

10. The eye has acuity limits for detecting motion.

11. This is the basis for detecting motion.

12. Detecting WIMPs thus presents a problem;

13. Detecting and predicting CAT is difficult.

14. Detecting a nearby enemy position, Sgt.

15. DART is a fleet of tsunami detecting buoys.

16. preventing or detecting error or fraud.

17. detecting and apprehending criminals;

18. it tows an ice-thickness-detecting sonar.

19. Detecting an aroma is only part of wine tasting.

20. D. Detecting and Control Technology;

21. This is the basis for detecting motion.

22. - detecting illegal waste dumps;

23. detecting and identifying the source;

24. and detecting equipment faults before they occur.

25. JADE-I is for detecting ions from 5 eV to 50 keV.

26. - without detecting "evidence of any error".

27. The police leave without detecting the criminals.

28. Detecting it, Vasu &

29. detecting method of light beam deflexion is used.

30. Detecting condition apoptosis with TUNEL reagent.