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No. sentence
1 few people know about him is that he has left behind a trail of emotional destruction, having spent decades abusing vulnerable individuals for his own twisted purposes.
2 We’re often told that the world is tethering on the brink of destruction.
3 We 're often told that the world is tethering on the brink of destruction. But is this really the case?
4 After such destruction many problems in resettlement often arise.
5 Without such movements there would be no movement, and we would probably be living in a world with much more slavery, violence, destruction and tyranny than the one we live in now.
6 Other people then made further edits placing him at every disaster from the sinking of the Titanic to the destruction of the White House by aliens on Independence Day.
7 much of the destruction we \ \ \ 're seeing do you think could have or should have been prevented?
8 The highlight of these actions is nothing other than destruction.
9 But it benefits all of us, because it decelerates global warming and ecological destruction.
10 struggle against environmental destruction is far from over.
11 Like all revolutions, this one has come with the destruction of some knowledge, and suffers from extremism and herding.
12 In 2011 some of the most venerable incumbents will show the world that they have figured out how to do the creative destruction themselves.
13 So we keep putting them into zoos to protect them from poachers, as well as from habitat destruction.
14 But then I also remember that times of rapid change can bring pain and confusion, even destruction, as well as progress and excitement.
15 difficult in present circumstances to think about reconstruction while this death and destruction continues.
16 this is what you hear a lot about in the news, Kyoto, and all this kind of thing about destruction of the ozone layer.
17 In such a sensitive consumer sector, the risks of a culture clash and brand destruction are high.
18 Even if the planet escapes destruction, it's atmosphere and oceans will be boiled away.
19 You would purge the planet of industrial civilisation, at the cost of billions of lives, only to discover that you have not invoked "a saner world" but just another phase of destruction.
20 Business progresses through creative destruction, not through the application of rules.
21 She says reports of the level of destruction in some of these areas are staggering.
22 Intensifying competition should lead not just to price convergence but also to a round of creative destruction.
23 affluent nations have produced half of the world's environmental destruction while paying only 3% of its costs.
24 This tells us that Luke is writing after the destruction of Jerusalem because he tells you it happens.
25 Like Iran, it says its aim is Israel's destruction.
26 death will be the destruction of my body, but my soul is immaterial and so my soul can continue to exist after my death.
27 He initially conceived of a giant flame rock as the villain's backdrop because his weapon of destruction shoots fire and metal.
28 weapons of mass destruction did not exist. His capture, eight months after the fall of Baghdad, was little more than a brief flash of triumph in a remorselessly darkening sea of gloom.
29 Already 4 million trees have been felled or marked for destruction.
30 Winter was coming on and the hills threatened the surrounding villages with destruction, for heavy rain would not only wash away the soil but would cause serious floods as well.