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destroy in a sentence

121. They began to destroy themselves.

122. We have many monsters to destroy.

123. As it creates, so may it destroy.

124. Destroy everything and get paid;

125. I really wanted to destroy him.

126. 8/9 – UFC 87: Seek And Destroy.

127. Wind and fire destroy your homes!

128. He sets out to destroy the ship.

129. Shiva agreed to destroy Tripura.

130. She didn't destroy, she helped.

131. March, destroy the Russian army.

132. The search and destroy approach.

133. Females hurt and destroy males."

134. Take them up. Destroy the enemy.

135. deathmatch; search and destroy;

136. (e.g. "Destroy target creature.

137. do that and he'll destroy them.

138. "Entrap him. Then destroy him."

139. it builds, it does not destroy."

140. (Tantalog: "I want to destroy!"

141. Destroy." It aired in May 2010.

142. He will the wicked all destroy."

143. Richard vows to destroy Angela.

144. Speak and Destroy may refer to:

145. He managed to destroy two MiGs.

146. Attackers want to destroy Egypt.

147. DESTROY ATHENS tells a story.

148. are here to destroy the outpost.

149. • dstr.dll — Destroy system.

150. Destroy a random enemy minion.