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destroy in a sentence

91. Destroy", and "Metal Militia".

92. We can destroy them by fire."

93. We can destroy them by fire."

94. He swears to destroy Sentain.

95. they would destroy everything.

96. They will destroy Marcus Wall.

97. Now my son can destroy Tujue.

98. destroy Australian democracy;

99. and "Destroy him, my robots!"

100. Hence, maha(n) = destroy(er)."

101. Destroy received short shrift.

102. "Daleks conquer and destroy!"

103. It will not destroy gravity.

104. I wanted to destroy the world.

105. It will only destroy nature.

106. He attempts to destroy Tesla.

107. "It was a big set to destroy.

108. Abort mission. Destroy phone."

109. Gods decided to destroy them.

110. They aim to destroy the peace.

111. And only God can destroy one.

112. And only God can destroy one.

113. Bob's destiny to destroy him.

114. (1996) and Destroy All Humans!

115. shamad (destroy, exterminate);

116. they seek to destroy Mikado.

117. I wanted to destroy his life."

118. Go ahead, destroy this race.

119. Destroy the Runner Production

120. Being that, I cannot destroy."