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No. sentence
1 If you let it go wild - it will take off like a rocket and then destroy you somewhere along the road.
2 A woman can like everything about you, but if you do these things (or even ONE of these things), it can DESTROY your chances of success with a particular woman.
3 so grows the wrath, humiliation, spite and grudge aroused by not having them - as well as the urge to destroy what have you can't.
4 Therefore he said that he would destroy them, had not Moses his chosen stood before him in the breach, to turn away his wrath, lest he should destroy them.
5 That is understandable when drought or deluge can destroy their crop, but it has the effect of reducing yields.
6 I think literary texts are beautiful, powerful, tensile, but they're also very tough, and no amount of strong readings is going to destroy them or move them out of their path or anything like that.
7 It will not destroy you all at once. But it's always there, nibbling at the corners of your life, consuming a little cash every year.
8 If you act on the Word, trouble will not destroy you and your household.
9 It must be said that successful partnerships are rather rarer than failed ones: business people tend to be alpha types, and money and fame can destroy even the solidest friendships.
10 We destroy it through the backwards process.
11 But its tactics have enraged competitors, who complain their new rival is out to destroy the economics of entire industries.
12 Two research teams in the US and Japan have made embryonic stem cells – or something very like them – directly from human skin cells, without having to destroy an embryo in the process.
13 So he said he would destroy them - had not Moses, his chosen one, stood in the breach before him to keep his wrath from destroying them.
14 Remember to destroy every single structure in each Hive complex.
15 I will rebuke the devourer for your sakes, and he shall not destroy the fruits of your ground; neither shall your vine cast her fruit before the time in the field, saith the LORD of hosts.
16 If he is turned out of his shelter, he builds up a house that the winds of the earth cannot destroy.
17 Brazil need not chop down the Amazon or destroy the remaining savannahs to expand its agriculture.
18 Destroy clears all data related to a key.
19 Step Three: Burn, shred, delete or otherwise destroy all copies of that new random key.
20 You'll see that it is like a combination of classification and clustering, and provides another useful weapon for our mission to destroy data misinformation.
21 When we go on a starvation diet to reduce our calorie intake, we not only destroy muscle tissue but also actually slow our metabolic rate.
22 It can absolutely destroy you, your family, and people all around you.
23 However, authorities are allowed to destroy crocodiles that threaten humans.
24 suffices to destroy the self-image that takes a young person to build.
25 He had to destroy the injured animal.
26 I prayed to the LORD and said, "o Sovereign LORD, do not destroy your people, your own inheritance that you redeemed by your great power and brought out of Egypt with a mighty hand."
27 every disease there is some herb to cure it," he always said. "Do not destroy any plant, however small, for someday we may find it of use."
28 Any attempt to disturb or destroy these compromises, being terms of the compact of union, can lead to none other than the most ruinous and disastrous consequences.
29 Most people think that they only exist for two reasons: to kill Icelanders and to destroy evil rings.
30 For example, acidic treatments destroy glutamine and asparagine, whereas alkaline treatments destroy cystine, serine and threonine, and produce lysinoalanine and D-amino acids.