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desiccation in a sentence

1. The desiccation of the Sahara is complete.

2. This may also help to avoid desiccation.

3. Desiccation is widely employed in the oil and gas industry.

4. However, other life forms exhibit desiccation tolerance.

5. The siltstones show desiccation features.

6. Desiccation figures on top of a regressive sequence;

7. This abrasion due to the ash causes quick desiccation.

8. Maerl has no tolerance for desiccation.

9. Akinetes are resistant to cold and desiccation.

10. Desiccation is not required for hatching, however.

11. The seeds are sensitive to desiccation.

12. It also works of foliar contact causing rapid desiccation.

13. Carex acuta does not tolerate prolonged desiccation.

14. Desiccation of top soils results in increased salinity.

15. Mud curls form during one of the final stages in desiccation.

16. They can prevent desiccation by hiding under logs and stones.

17. They prevent desiccation by hiding under logs and stones.

18. The light coloration is a protection against desiccation.

19. It is used as a model organism in studies of desiccation.

20. Desiccation can improve the uniformity of a crop.

21. controlled desiccation evens that out.

22. Desiccation can enhance the ripening of a crop.

23. The genus has also been proven to survive desiccation.

24. The RS can survive desiccation for years.

25. Fruticose lichens can endure high degrees of desiccation.

26. This process is called drying, dehydration or desiccation.

27. Desiccation is generally performed with a desiccator.

28. But, amid this desiccation, there are flashes of life.

29. It is not desiccation-tolerant.

30. SOD activity of callus increased after desiccation treatment.