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No. sentence
1 Descriptive sentences that are not about social contracts or risk (" people from California are patient; John is patient ", etc) are as difficult for normal people to deal with as colours and Numbers.
2 It should be brief, but descriptive of the action to be performed.
3 For centuries, coastal farmers used a powerful fertilizer that they found covering the rocks on the tip of this peninsula during the dry season-thus giving this area its descriptive name.
4 Summary of Background Data. There is a dearth of descriptive epidemiology of thoracic MRI findings in the general population.
5 not only descriptive passages that have suffered in the editing. Some of the characters and subplots have disappeared altogether.
6 For now, you are not interested in the configuration data, but rather in the meaningful descriptive text for each of the entries in that table.
7 Wuthering' being a significant provincial adjective, descriptive of the atmospheric tumult to which its station is exposed in stormy weather.
8 spines of books shelved in certain libraries and bookstores you will see OATES but this is a descriptive term, this is not a noun.
9 Obviously, automatic derivation works well only if the two models are equally descriptive, which sort of conflicts with the idea of some models being more descriptive than others.
10 But in my experience, this approach is largely descriptive most of the time, and not primarily intended to enforce a consistent conceptual architecture through change.
11 This also enables you to change the column names to more descriptive texts and add additional columns.
12 The only information added in the process was some descriptive names for fields, but that could have also been specified in a single header line of less than a hundred bytes.
13 Imagine if 70% of your homepage was done in AJAX (not uncommon these days), and most of your important, descriptive content was containing within this framework.
14 We've set up the chart with a title, a descriptive subtitle, X and Y labels, placed the chart legend at the bottom, and labeled the two data sets.
15 Its structure represents all basic information about a business or entity that publishes descriptive information about the entity as well as the services that it offers.
16 If you have to ensure that the element is descriptive, then avoid using frames.
17 Each activity has a descriptive name and an entry action detailing the work performed by the activity.
18 If you're linking to your personal blog, include your name or descriptive terms in the link, and voila!
19 However, wherever possible, you should use specialization-aware processes and transforms, so that you can avoid generalizing and process your documents in their more descriptive, specialized form.
20 In other words, surround the link with descriptive text.
21 They can be brought in when an organization needs more than just descriptive statistics.
22 These are realized by separating service descriptions from their implementations, and using this descriptive metadata across the service life cycle.
23 Again, these extensions let me make good use of descriptive messages.
24 Making these types of components accessible requires you to provide considerable descriptive information in text form.
25 sentences and paragraph structure: Find a descriptive passage you admire, a paragraph or two or three, from published material, and revise all the sentences.
26 name provides a short, descriptive label for the anti-pattern.
27 error messages are professional and descriptive.
28 You can change the Verification Point Name if you want, but the default value happens to be quite descriptive so I'd stick with that.
29 Include as much descriptive information as possible!
30 But in some cases, you may need to insert a large quantity of data into a column - not just an integer value or a short, descriptive character string.