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No. sentence
1 So maybe I should stop describing my life, start showing what happens instead, but I'll get to that bit in a bit, so to speak.
2 what I mean by that, whining is describing as accurately as you can, exactly how you wish the world was not.
3 The investigation into unauthorised Apple stores in Kunming was brought about when an American living in the city published a blog post describing a visit to one such shop.
4 Now practice telling stories describing them in a humorous way. It might take a little exaggeration or dramatization, but that's what good storytelling is all about.
5 Design the rules by describing in "plain English" what each rule should do.
6 So when one of these homegrown systems crashes, the team might have no reliable documentation describing its configuration.
7 Then, as you collect information from stakeholders, decide which of the requirement types they are describing, and write the requirement.
8 The interface USES the schema describing the entity record and any other parameters.
9 In Part 2, we continue by describing references and wires, and show how to use them to assemble SCA components.
10 The reason for describing it as a separate scenario is because it is different from an application design point of view.
11 For the absurd man it is not a matter of explaining and solving, but of experiencing and describing.
12 It provides the primary means for coordinating enterprise services and describing business logic.
13 I am not describing anything like the end of humanity.
14 What you are describing is an uncomfortable, yet common, experience that most people, regardless of gender, have at some point in their lives, if not every winter.
15 I will now step through some major sections of the code describing how they work as I go.
16 The form elements themselves also represent objects of particular types, rather than describing what they should look like on the page.
17 Much of the work we do is creating, describing, or reviewing architectures.
18 We do not give all the details on tuning parameters and suggested values for them. Instead, we focus on describing the impact of the parameters on the performance and scalability of an application.
19 Describing the online game industry in any level of detail would take quite a long time and I want to focus on the development issues rather than the history.
20 That's it, the rest of the topic is just a code snippets without any details describing which attributes are important or how to use them.
21 Software applications must satisfy a diverse set of stakeholder needs, and consequently, the models describing these systems must likewise be complex.
22 This equation is of some value for describing particles without spin-certain kinds of mesons-but does not apply at all to the electron.
23 However, if either the source or target is a human actor, then the message is labeled with brief text describing the information being communicated.
24 We show in this section that both terms are ambiguous and not helpful in describing the nature of the service bus or the integration layer.
25 This article addresses all of these and similar issues by describing the DB2 UDB character conversion process.
26 By first considering the business architecture and describing the linkage to the software architecture, you can ensure that there are no gaps between the two.
27 If you're describing how to program GUI applications, your topics can draw on elements from both the programming and UI domains.
28 However, systems engineering teams can realize so much more value from that investment by describing a systems architecture early in the system lifecycle.
29 A program plan describing 10,000 activities, for example, would not have these qualities.
30 However, the sections describing how to build the resources assume you installed the products.