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No. sentence
1 One file describes the interface to your service, while the other file describes your implementation of it.
2 Level of activity: This describes how dynamic the taxonomies will be.
3 inscription placed there by his great-great-grandson Shah Jahan, creator of the Taj Mahal, describes it as “this light garden of an angel king”.
4 If your database contains sensitive data, you might want to limit access to the catalog views, because the catalog describes every object in the database.
5 This section describes options and requirements for each of the components.
6 He points to the brightest stars and describes how to use them to navigate to the Bilma oasis in the eastern desert, where they would trade Onions and garlic for salt.
7 Taking Zhaotong county of Yunnan province as an example, the paper describes the methods of debris flow risk zonation and achieves the debris flow risk map for Zhaotong county.
8 pear shape," withfatter hips and thighs, is considered safer than the "apple shape,"which describes a wider waistline.
9 The next section describes this process.
10 Nuclear scientists, says Mr Ohmae, are mostly sponsored by utilities, compromising their independence. He describes them as "Christmas-tree decorations" on government safety commissions.
11 It also describes the architecture of this application.
12 This video explains the philosophy behind the creations and describes each project in more detail.
13 It matters because it describes and expresses what the arts do better than other languages.
14 It's fair to say that when an advertisement describes a septic tank as "the best invention since the wheel," we've begun to take our round, load-bearing companion for granted.
15 Once a language and the grammar that formally describes it becomes complex, however, the number of valid expressions in the language grows rapidly.
16 This article describes the overall system configuration and some of the technology behind the benchmark result.
17 It describes one specific path through the flow of events.
18 chikungunya' derives from a root verb in the Kimakonde language, meaning "to become contorted" and describes the stooped appearance of sufferers with joint pain.
19 As the command executes, it describes work in progress, some of which is shown below.
20 This text describes the method to build a warm plastic cowshed in detail. And it also gives some advices to control the microclimates of the cowshed.
21 One of the first things they noticed is that Deuteronomy 34 describes the death and burial of Moses.
22 He describes how to use class wrapping of the JDBC driver, connection, statement, and result set objects to instrument JDBC, and hence, database calls.
23 If thousands of pages surface in the SERPs for the keyword that you think describes your page the best, you need to think of how the searcher might deal with this situation.
24 She even describes battles with bureaucrats as an exercise in seduction, thanks to the promise of pleasure in resolution.
25 opposite of being chased and terrified is what Garfield describes as being embraced or loved, meeting a star or having a magical animal friend (more common in kids).
26 My colleague, the philosopher Tamar Gendler, describes the Grand canyon Skywalk, a glass walkway that extends 70 feet from the canyon's rim.
27 Saunders: When did you then strike up this friendship that Leonard Cohen describes in song?
28 She describes how he gets hold of her, his awful smell, a mixture of tobacco and onions.
29 This section describes some best practices and patterns that prepare you for change.
30 still a cornerstone of Hungarian literature, describes how Adam is cast out of the Garden with Eve, renounces God and determines to recreate Eden through his own efforts.