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No. sentence
1 He described the scene to me.
2 She described the accident very carefully.
3 The third collection contains all nodes that can be reached from any of the nodes in the second collection in the manner described by the second step.
4 Not every product launch requires the full complement of collateral and investment as described above.
5 Several of his followers have described their first encounter with the al Qaeda leader as an intense spiritual experience, explaining their feelings for him as love.
6 an interview published recently in England's venerable tabloid, the Sun, Omar described the ambivalent relationship he had growing up with his infamous father.
7 categories described above can be associated to numerical counts (hours, occurrences) with dollar values assigned to each count.
8 peter motioned with his hand for them to be quiet and described how the Lord had brought him out of prison.
9 Jack and Mary described their journey in vivid detail.
10 Start your SEO efforts by implementing some or all of the techniques described in this article.
11 All files described in this section should be placed there.
12 If you only have a concrete class, you can create an interface from the class, change your application code to program to the interface, and then proceed as described above.
13 After executing each instance, toggle back to the applications described above.
14 I know that they have yet to taste anything but when food is described in the right way it creates an imaginary flavor in your mouth.
15 These are described in more detail below.
16 If you want to move it to a different folder, delete it, or drag it onto another artifact, use one of the other views described in the following subsections.
17 Situations like the one just described allow us to feel we have more time without being the cause of the delay.
18 As we described before, each human task consists of an input and an output message, which the HTML form must also reflect.
19 The struggle, if there were one, need not be described.
20 issues and concepts described so far apply to any service in an SOA.
21 If your client code needs this kind of specific functionality, then this generic layer is not enough — at least as it has been described so far.
22 I described the attempt as a failure.
23 They would tell you all sorts of things, which were mysterious to me and not well described in the current literature.
24 Create an instance of the agent you have just described.
25 You really should practice setting up the server configuration as described so far.
26 If we can identify the features implemented, we can compare them against the features described in the use cases.
27 the first limit that I described, this one is almost universal.
28 Use LEI replication instead, as described in the previous section.
29 One night during C4, someone inadvertently helped me see this when he described to me the nature of his work: "Coding the basic functionality is the easy part."
30 But what is an appropriate punishment for the various degrees of cheating described above?