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No. sentence
1 Storyboards describe the navigation through User Interface elements that realizes the Use Case, and thus supports the corresponding User Goals.
2 Several books and papers show how to use mock objects in unit testing. These describe the capabilities that mock objects should have and how to use them.
3 I describe the manual process here.
4 In this article, I describe how the transformation works and the current limitations.
5 The stance that I'm trying to describe, which is a kind of ambivalent and complicated one, emerges powerfully in the poem "Easter, 1916," on page 105 in this book.
6 If you cannot describe your product in one sentence, you cannot sell it.
7 There are lots of systems that follow this pattern, where you write some modules / components in source code then describe how they are connected using an external config file.
8 The following steps describe the changes required to add components to customize shelf.
9 objective of this article is to describe how these components are integrated together and provide you with detailed documentation sources.
10 Describe your philosophy about the art of fashion.
11 Despite the many difficulties that are difficult to describe, he Teether persevered.
12 It is possible to copyright the design of an invention, such as the documents that describe a microprocessor, but not the physical processor itself.
13 for each component we have to describe its mole fraction in that particular phase.
14 If something costs nothing, you can describe it as "free".
15 In this section, we will briefly describe possible ways of reducing the costs and risks involved in doing this.
16 the next column in this series, I will apply the method to the banking domain of account management and describe each step with an example.
17 In NFL, the phrase is used to describe two or more players aligned shoulder to shoulder within two yards of each other.
18 In an era when engineers and hobbyists tended to describe their machines with model Numbers, he chose the name of a fruit, supposedly because of his dietary habits at the time.
19 He requested that we describe the simplest and clearest way from Moeller back to our house.
20 The court papers describe a “boiler room” atmosphere in which recruiters enrolled students who stood no chance of graduating and saddled them with debt they were unlikely to be able to pay off.
21 Next layer down is the DRM, which provides a framework to describe, categorize, and share data in a standard way.
22 We will examine each area, in turn, and describe its methods and practices contents.
23 This turnaround seems to have come at the expense of those who describe themselves as being without religion.
24 I thought I could describe a state; make a map of sorrow.
25 Big Bang Model does not attempt to describe that region of space significantly beyond our horizon - space-time could well be quite different out there.
26 We need to invite them, describe to them how the service works, explain to them why they should fill in the form and suggests the benefits they'll get in return.
27 Saunders: Could you describe one of the typical evenings that you spent with Leonard Cohen at the time the song was written?
28 Chinese used a word from cooking, "chao" (stir-fry), to describe the unstable nature of the trading, which involved keeping the shares moving (buying and selling) to keep it hot.
29 Everything you describe.
30 For example, engineers designing a pavement do not have to base their attempts entirely upon experimentation, but can use reference sources that describe the conclusions of others.