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No. sentence
1 We should be judged by the quality of our products and the value investors derive from them.
2 These dynamic and static models could be used to derive all the read methods too, if we went through every permutation that you enumerated in your analysis.
3 At every level of the hierarchy, we would use functional analysis to derive requirements and engineering methods to derive measures of effectiveness.
4 For example, to find the most common click trails through a portal, you could group all requests by their session and then derive the click trail for each session.
5 Although you might expect people who seek out obscure products to derive more pleasure from their discoveries than those who simply trudge off to see the occasional blockbuster, the opposite is true.
6 He has also managed to derive Newtonian gravity from the model: however, general relativity has not yet emerged.
7 unconsciously the ideas they derive from the printed pages are stored up, to be worked over by the imagination for their future profit.
8 When we bring home to ourselves the situation of his companions, we enter into their gratitude, and feel what consolation they must derive from the tender sympathy of so affectionate a friend.
9 you can derive the general scope and understanding of the business requirements.
10 So like any diligent scientist, he set about trying to derive one.
11 So I guess her coven ought to be able to derive some comfort from this experience.
12 inhabitants of Ein Gedi had been well-off, Yoel explained; in later eras, their riches would apparently derive from the cultivation of bushes that yielded a valuable perfume, probably balsam.
13 Based on that information we can derive all the required messages and also an update schedule for the participants.
14 It provides exposure to companies worldwide that derive at least 50% of their revenue from agriculture business.
15 All from a statement of work, we can derive the feature list and use case diagrams, break up the problem, and then pick a use case to start to iterate.
16 Such men, however, are not quite pure examples, since they also derive immense satisfaction from vanity.
17 If you ask your boss for leave of absence from the office on some legitimate occasion, his love of power will derive more satisfaction from a refusal than from a consent.
18 But recent studies suggest that noise could even be dangerous, increasing stress levels and risk of illness - the word "noise" does derive from the Latin "nausea" after all.
19 It should not be limited or constrained by any transcendent standards or moral laws that do not derive from politics itself, whether a law of God or some kind of transcendent moral order or code.
20 You should understand the requirements at each level of abstraction and use them to derive the capabilities of the elements that collaborate at that level of abstraction.
21 For example, while a customer store may derive some campaigns from the asset store, it may add its own campaigns that are specific to the customer segment served by the store.
22 They serve as blueprints from which various automated and semi-automated processes derive programs and related models.
23 In the next article, we'll examine the algorithmic approach, in which third parties use structural and heuristic techniques to derive machine-readable semantics from HTML Web pages targeted at people.
24 system can automatically derive the kinds of messages needed for full update, incremental update, invalidation, etc.
25 They require data, they modify and update data, and they often also derive new data by bringing various data sources together.
26 He asked questions and tried to find the right answers rather than the converse, which is ask who he is and then therefore derive the answer from there," Dinh said.
27 The results of this kind of evaluation derive qualitative conclusions on appraised goals.
28 Typically, a lot of effort has already gone into developing an object model for the application, so it seems logical to make use of that effort and derive the XML model from the object model.
29 You can directly derive the service model from the process and use case decompositions above.
30 Some of these characteristics derive from the fact that overall the financial services industry is not highly automated.