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depressing in a sentence

1. It got depressing.

2. It was so depressing."

3. It's depressing.

4. It was very depressing.

5. The ending is distinctly depressing.

6. some people might find it depressing.

7. depressing property values;

8. It was really dark and depressing.

9. ... Oh it was depressing.

10. "It's a very depressing experience.

11. It was really depressing."

12. It was very depressing."

13. frankly, it is depressing.

14. It's depressing.

15. She described it as "depressing."

16. It was more conscious than depressing.

17. Tow-line depressing water kite.

18. Ria leaves Jai in a depressing state.

19. It's depressing around here.

20. It just became too depressing.

21. its depressing tone;

22. I find this very depressing."

23. It's depressing.

24. That was kind of depressing."

25. "It's kind of depressing."

26. more depressing piece of work.

27. These happenings were most depressing.

28. alternatives are depressing and scant.

29. Mondays should be depressing.

30. very depressing and anticlimactic.