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densely in a sentence

1. It is densely forested.

2. but is less densely populated.

3. Barshi is densely populated.

4. Barshi is densely populated.

5. "Densely rich cemetery songs.

6. Imbaba is densely populated.

7. It is overall densely hairy.

8. "densely inhabited land";

9. Its top is densely wooded.

10. The summit is densely wooded.

11. Legs usually densely hairy.

12. It was densely covered by fur.

13. "McMichael writes densely;

14. It is a densely forested area.

15. Fruit is a densely hairy nut.

16. It is densely ribbed.

17. The body is densely haired.

18. It was densely forested &

19. It is densely granulate.

20. The stems are densely hairy.

21. It is densely branched.

22. Body is densely pubescent.

23. The body is densely hairy.

24. Hind tarsi densely pilose.

25. The ovary is densely bearded.

26. They cover the stems densely.

27. Heads densely tomentose.

28. Pod densely villous.

29. some quite densely packed.

30. it was not densely populated;