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No. sentence
1 Subtle kiss denotes purity, but it may show that he has no idea how to drag you in.
2 The next line indicates the same information, but denotes a full garbage collection.
3 This denotes the start of the list of businesses found that match the name in the request.
4 First, it denotes the sound of Chinese characters, "Zhou explains."
5 READONLY. Denotes the last application run.
6 In the breakdown view, the length of the transaction bar denotes the response time for every transaction.
7 Negative latitude denotes a location in the Southern Hemisphere (S) and negative longitude is a location in the Western Hemisphere (W).
8 The content of the tag denotes established keyedReferences which are used as categorizations for this business.
9 command starting with 0a denotes serial communication configuration Settings.
10 dream of magic and magicians denotes many pleasant happenings in your life and portends happiness and success.
11 Heart denotes your intuition while the mind stems out of your conditioning patterns.
12 As to other entertainments, the Bear denotes bear baiting, the Dog &Duck hunting, the Bull &Dog bull baiting and the Bird in Hand, falconry.
13 The coffer of gold, which is part of your treasure, denotes that your riches shall soon be transferred to me.
14 This property denotes the name of the server or the remote data source where that operation will be performed.
15 This denotes policy assertions and constraints on the service.
16 checked box denotes membership.
17 term expert denotes those organizations and individuals with a history of success in aiding organizations in the adoption of portfolio management.
18 This keyword denotes a property's visibility.
19 The closed arrow denotes inheritance and points from child to parent.
20 COLCARDF (see number 4 in Figure 5) : column cardinality, which denotes the estimated number of distinct values in the column.
21 model denotes these activities as "black boxes" and no more details can be provided.
22 This denotes any meaningful protocol or conversation expected between a service consumer and the service being specified.
23 term service is often used interchangeably with the term provider, which specifically denotes the entity that provides the service.
24 If no class objects are found in the owner chain, then this denotes the root object in the memory dump from where the leak container can be reached.
25 This denotes the heading as the XHTML 2.0 title of the document, and specifies it as the inline heading.
26 XML part denotes the way information can be shuttled across the network, though XML isn't necessary (see Resources for more information).
27 If the same data value occurs in a contiguous block, that block is replaced by a number that denotes the runs and the data.
28 Every few minutes, a black smudge, smattered with muddy puddles, denotes a coalmine.
29 use of an interface denotes a set of operations provided by a service.
30 CARDF (see number 1 in Figure 5) : table cardinality, which denotes the total number of rows in the table.