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demonstrations in a sentence

61. Any demonstrations were orderly and polite.

62. Strikes and demonstrations were permanent.

63. Demonstrations continued the next two days.

64. Often, this involved cutting demonstrations.

65. The demonstrations sometimes turned violent.

66. Demonstrations on October 15 and 16, 1965;

67. Demonstrations were held outside his home.

68. It was marred by extensive demonstrations.

69. Mass meetings and demonstrations were held.

70. On January 21, the demonstrations escalated.

71. These demonstrations were held worldwide.

72. The centre gives demonstrations of its work.

73. Mass meetings and demonstrations were held.

74. She has participated in many demonstrations.

75. Subsequent days saw large demonstrations;


77. Subsequent days saw large demonstrations;

78. Demonstrations in Diyarbakir turned violent.

79. The demonstrations were generally peaceful.

80. The number of demonstrations was increased.

81. More demonstrations broke out on 18 April.

82. These demonstrations are sometimes violent.

83. makeup demonstrations and creature effects.

84. There are no demonstrations or simulations.

85. Rallies and demonstrations were monitored.

86. Violent demonstrations continued in Leuven.

87. In 2018, the party held 53 demonstrations.

88. In 1968, she took part in demonstrations.

89. dozens of debates, demonstrations, marches;

90. Demonstrations were also held in Agartala.