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1 demonstrations, previously almost unheard of in Iceland, in which families have marched on the parliament buildings, stringing up an effigy of Oddsson along the way.
2 You'd better let the dog alone, 'growled Mr Heathcliff in unison, checking fiercer demonstrations with a punch of his foot.
3 The team spent some time debating the merits of creating facades as opposed to using an evolving product for early demonstrations.
4 With lorry drivers and school pupils also staging improvised demonstrations, France is facing a hardening of protests in what will be a crucial week in determining the fate of the pension reform.
5 Many of our demonstrations could be combined or could take place in parallel with other meetings.
6 Or, point out an incident in which your customer was not satisfied, and ask for better access to your customer through frequent demonstrations.
7 Thanks in large part to Philip Gingerich, the fossil record of whales now offers one of the most stunning demonstrations of Darwinian evolution rather than a refutation of it.
8 Hundreds of thousands of demonstrators from outside Tripoli were making their way to Tripoli to participate in the demonstrations,' Mr. Alghazwani added late Monday.
9 He retained a great deal of the reserve for which his boyhood was remarkable; and that served to repress all startling demonstrations of feeling.
10 Highlights are a parade, folk music concerts and workshops, a blacksmith shop, and demonstrations of such crafts as making soap, brooms, candles, pottery, dolls and toys.
11 Yet there are grounds for believing that, this time round, threats of mass strikes and demonstrations may be less menacing than they proved in 1995.
12 Without assistants placing themselves in danger these ACTS would be simple demonstrations of accuracy, but with the potential for injury or death the show is much more dramatic.
13 opposition say they have kept accurate records of the many opposition supporters snatched by Colonel Gaddafi's forces during months of demonstrations and fighting across the country.
14 The bill has led to big, noisy demonstrations that began earlier this month in Madison, the state capital.
15 You can use the resulting custom installation package to create installation for deployments, demonstrations, or other purposes.
16 Meanwhile, a government ban on vehicles in Baghdad and other cities, announced late Thursday, meant some protesters were forced to walk many kilometers to reach the demonstrations.
17 in support from 30 forces across the country to create a 5, 000-strong team of officers for at least six diverse demonstrations in the City of London and Trafalgar Square.
18 MIT's video demonstrations can engage students in science coursework by providing fun multimedia explanations of heady concepts.
19 While clipboard support is useful for one-off edits and demonstrations, it is less useful if you want to process whole documents.
20 In London the government has warned Britons overseas to exercise caution in all public places and avoid demonstrations, large crowds of people and public events.
21 Provide demonstrations of the portal product or proofs of technologies to help clarify portal functionality (if possible).
22 Demonstrations of "bendable" screens have been a staple of technology shows ever since there were screens small enough.
23 quieter streets east of Broadway, as Wall Street-types make their way along barricaded sidewalks for a sandwich, coffee or smoke, they're paying attention to the demonstrations.
24 Building this system illustrates the main concepts of faceted navigation in a concrete way and creates a demo that can run in a laptop for evaluations and demonstrations.
25 The opposition has notified the police of plans for widespread demonstrations on Thursday if no progress is made on the talks. Mudavadi refused to discuss the protest call.
26 After all, their handling of some previous demonstrations in London was condemned as too harsh.
27 one of the first public demonstrations of the "Bell Solar Battery" the device powered a small radio transmitter, carrying both speech and music.
28 In Abu Dhabi, there are banners up advertising IDEX and no evidence of the same kind of peace demonstrations that go on outside the London equivalent.
29 It would risk angry demonstrations from Abdullah's supporters, although he insists he will call for calm.
30 The news was greeted with a massive outburst of joy and riot celebration by hundreds of thousands of people in Tahrir Square in Cairo, the heart of the demonstrations.