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1 Some peaceniks argue that Israel is another Middle Eastern country directly threatened by the wave of democracy emanating from Tunisia, sweeping Egypt and lapping at Jordan.
2 the other hand bloodstained Iraq still lacks the institutions and the habit of tolerance needed for its young democracy to work.
3 prime minister argued that British left a wealth for her former colonies, which is democracy and the notion of law ruling, which is rooted in India now.
4 This book was written before the recent knife-edge election in Ghana, a successful exercise in democracy, conducted in the most strained of circumstances.
5 In Egypt, where five decades under a single party and almost three under its present leader, President Hosni Mubarak, have smothered all but a pretence of democracy, it has raised a big cloud of dust.
6 Will it be keen to add a bit of democracy into its alias as many others choose to do? Given this opportunity, will a new government choose something more fanciful?
7 A bit of fraud is inevitable in any young democracy, he says, but Afghanistan is a tribal society where "people vote collectively"; it is not odd for everybody in a district to support him.
8 But the ruling Socialists were obliterated, losing a third of their seats in the worst result since the return of democracy following Francisco Franco's death in 1975.
9 But they also say some broader Bush administration goals, such as establishing a western-style democracy and society, may be put aside, at least for the next several years.
10 She was a student in Beijing, which in the government's eyes made her a potential agitator for democracy. So she was sent to do a dull job in a warehouse in the middle of nowhere.
11 The original intentions were good. For years, crowds eager to enter the nexus of American democracy have had to wait in long lines snaking around the building’s scrubby gardens.
12 On Africa Day, let us reaffirm our commitment to work in partnership with Africans of all ages to realize their potential by building an environment conducive to prosperity, democracy and peace.
13 In his new book, "Supercapitalism", Robert Reich denounces CSR as a dangerous diversion that is undermining democracy, not least in his native America.
14 Thailand's prime minister, Abhisit Vejjajiva, faces street protests by the ultra-conservative People's Alliance for Democracy (PAD) over his alleged failure to defend Thai soil.
15 The official says that as he did in India President Obama will speak in Indonesia about partnership, and the potential for economic development, and issues of democracy and diversity.
16 Egypt, though passing through a rocky patch, is still on course to hold an election next month that should lead to the removal of the military authorities and the establishment of a proper democracy.
17 These potential tools for democracy build up subtly, in ways not factored into conventional democracy measurements, for some time until they suddenly become apparent.
18 Senator Biden, who is chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, says he believes Pakistan has taken an important step on the road to democracy with this week's parliamentary elections.
19 iniquitous doctrines with which they poisoned the minds of the masses, he argued, were representative democracy, the division of state powers and alternating government.
20 He says that thanks to the OSCE, Kazakhstan's younger generation has witnessed debates about democracy and progress that may have laid the ground for future reforms.
21 The administration hopes that additional material support to the Cuban people, and connecting them with the outside world, will help them to push for democracy.
22 Yet in truth, although Turkey has developed new relationships in the Middle East and even with Russia, as a liberal market democracy it has no real alternative to Europe.
23 Under the concertacion, Chile has been the region's big success story, adding an increasingly robust democracy and welfare provision to the free-market economic policies bequeathed by Pinochet.
24 Unlike previous elections during the country’s current period of democracy, this one is overshadowed by the success of the incumbent president rather than by his shortcomings.
25 Guatemala, Honduras and Mexico all saw a sharp slump in support for democracy, probably because of high levels of violent crime in all those countries.
26 Previous technologies, including the telegraph, aircraft, radio and television, were also expected to bolster democracy, he observes, but they failed to live up to expectations.
27 This has been a tragedy for California, but it matters far beyond the state's borders. Around half of America's states and an increasing number of countries have direct democracy in some form.
28 teacher should not lob gratuitous barbs at her students, which contradicts her own professional duty: to teach the skills and habits of democracy.
29 But what is most wrong with the British version of representative democracy is its extreme over-centralisation.
30 The same year he was allowed to speak for more than an hour at the UN, repaying its tolerance by tearing from the UN Charter the pages that talked about democracy.