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No. sentence
1 The teacher delineated China on the blackboard with a coloured chalk.
2 Avignon's central core, immediately east of the river, appears as a rough oval, delineated by medieval walls.
3 By reorganizing the document, the translatable resources are clearly delineated from the object structure because they have been moved into separate files or subdocuments.
4 On such a basis, a metallogenic prospect area in which a volcanic epithermal gold deposit is likely to be found was delineated through large-scale soil survey combined with rock survey.
5 novel always subtly delineated a psychological logic while it deviated from the real logic.
6 In those early cold war days, the 800-mile border between East and West Germany was lightly guarded and delineated by a few strands of barbed wire, and thousands fled to the West.
7 It was a one-bedroom apartment, the kind where the living room is delineated from the kitchen area by a metal strip on the floor, joining the carpet and the linoleum.
8 In providing a point-by-point refutation of that review, a number of important clarifications were delineated.
9 The scope and nature of the problem is only beginning to be delineated, many risk factors remain contested, and the evidence for what works to prevent elder maltreatment is limited.
10 The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) publishes maps that designate Special Flood Hazard Areas delineated by a Base Flood Elevation (BFE).
11 Systems Engineering is not obviously delineated as a separate discipline on the RUP Website.
12 In fact, you can clearly see the request and response, delineated by each new page you see.
13 The API itself is usually invisible to programmers, as the scope of transactions is delineated by declarative data found in deployment descriptors.
14 In this example, the time period is delineated by the start and stop receive shipment events.
15 Gone are the days when we can consider men's work and women's work clearly delineated categories.
16 In this situation, where you are caching the resulting response of a web service call, you are caching the soap body, as delineated by the soapenv: body tag in Listing 2.
17 Like in most popular languages, a string is delineated by quotations; accordingly, Numbers are delineated by, well, Numbers.
18 Booleans are delineated by the values true or false, without quotations.
19 And follow up with populating the DEPARTMENT table with the data delineated in table 2 with an INSERT command such as.
20 However, for fine detail it was always important to start off with a carefully delineated drawing as an underlay.
21 Learning Society is an ideal social form delineated by whole-life education advocators for future educational development and study activity.
22 Envision Cloud-based computing as enabling the "network" to be a single application delivery platform delineated by service interfaces between components.
23 Much of its technical information was delineated in accompanying guide and strategy books.
24 A 400-kilometer wide impact basin is visible near the image center, delineated by deep scarps that drop sharply to the crater floor.
25 The abnormal area delineated by using this method is smaller than that delineated by the standard deviation and isoline methods, characterizing the true anomalous boundary.
26 Direct percutaneous sinography well delineated the direct communication between the extracranial venous sac and the SSS.
27 The author reviewed the research progress on opium poppy celandines chemical component and phytochemistry classification basis, and delineated the perspective.
28 A participant opined that certain individuals had both corporate votes and individual votes at the same time and this might cause confusion. He suggested that this should be clearly delineated.
29 Extensive Uranium anomalism on active tenements yet to be suitably explored and delineated.
30 Another example is that China and Vietnam delineated the maritime boundary in the Beibu Gulf via negotiations, Lu said.