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1 may be acceptable to have all full repositories unavailable if there are few or no definitional changes occurring during an outage.
2 different gradations of industrial structure sophistication have different definitional connotation.
3 Definitional inconsistencies, leading to ambiguities and misunderstandings in how components should interoperate.
4 Product data may need to be managed in multiple languages since it is considered definitional data.
5 It may be that the definitional standard given above isn't the appropriate one; that's another question we can debate over the next few centuries.
6 I'll first, before getting into details, make a definitional point.
7 The TopicMaps community has long recognized such authoritative definitional resources under the name published subject indicators.
8 Could one man read, in one year's time, 59 million consecutive words - the equivalent of one John Grisham novel per day - of definitional "prose"?
9 Researchers should also strive for a standardization of definitional terms.
10 The heart of scholasticism insisted upon a system that was clear and definitional in tone.
11 There are two main definitional characteristics which distinguish it from other types of marketing.
12 Others saw the definitional dilemma as part and parcel of the enterprise of doing public history.
13 The definitional scope creep afflicting the machine learning arena mirrors these challenges.
14 evolution of business intelligence begins with a definitional shift.
15 reasonable definitional feature of shallow coal seam is analyzed base on the overlying strata's composition, the activity law long-wall mining'soverlying layers and the depth of coal seam.
16 Denotative meaning tends to be described as the definitional, literal, obvious or commonsense meaning of a word.
17 Its diversity has led to widely different uses of identical terms among different anarchist traditions which has created a number of definitional concerns in anarchist theory.
18 Some art followers have argued that the difference between fine art and applied art has more to do with value judgments made about the art than any clear definitional difference.
19 The classical theory of concepts says that concepts have a definitional structure.
20 Some sources claim that this is justified by the blurring of definitional boundaries in Japan.
21 The judge in the Dover trial wrote "By defining irreducible complexity in the way that he has, Professor Behe attempts to exclude the phenomenon of exaptation by definitional fiat, ignoring as he does so abundant evidence which refutes his argument.
22 The debate became so heated that a 1998 Symposium on Memetics, organised as part of the 15th International Conference on Cybernetics, passed a motion calling for an end to definitional debates.