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1 Theoretically this should be fine since the trunk is the Done branch and the definition of Done is "releasable".
2 Another thing I like is that their definition of analyst is very broad.
3 If it is, the current element must have multiple definitions for the same term, and so the processor puts 3 points of vertical space after the current definition.
4 For each activity, the general format of the log record follows the definition described above.
5 By definition, our release date will be postponed if those selected features are not of the agreed quality or completeness.
6 The ZRM framework will automatically create a backing database to store data instances of this model definition.
7 You can execute both data definition language (DDL) and data manipulation language (DML) statements, and obtain and display the results using this tool.
8 In this definition, you set the types and the constraints on the data.
9 I think this definition leaves out a key piece, we are focusing on collaboration and learning.
10 Mainly because the precise definition of trafficking, and hence of trafficking victims, is in reality quite difficult-whether you are a policeman or a moral philosopher.
11 communication fails without the proper import and export definition.
12 At one level this is a truism: By definition, people must be selling when prices fall.
13 definition of law depends on how we look at its purposes or functions.
14 definition of law depends on how we look at its purposes or funcitons.
15 So, in this definition now, we have one term which we know.
16 This allows the definition of many virtual shards, which can map to just two or three physical shards.
17 Thus, because we can know rational truths without having to experience the world, then by definition they can tells us nothing about the world as we experience it.
18 However, it should be understood that this complexity provides precision in the definition of the concrete elements.
19 Regardless of the syntax you choose, you trace the structure from the concrete schema patterns to the abstract pattern (as in Listing 3), where you find semantic anchors that solidify the definition.
20 Each rule definition contains an optional description, a list of variables, and an expression.
21 As you can see, in 1 above, the definition is very strict and clear with respect to what can be used.
22 Even if they allow multiple physically distributed instances of services, there is one abstract definition for each — managed by the organization as a whole — and a common implementation.
23 By definition their collective hive mind must transcend their small bee minds.
24 Decomposed to existing relational tables using document access definition (DAD) mapping.
25 Because subjects are defined by special topics, you can include the subject definition in the content and use it for classification.
26 Barred in this case refers to a state the mobile user is in, and therefore represents a very precise definition of the condition.
27 Note how the definition in Listing 1 is expressed in terms of it concepts, and USES verb phrases for both service and operations.
28 But it's hard to evaluate that if there is always a fallback person who, by definition, presents a rosier picture.
29 Using this approach, a remote queue definition is required for every queue on every device, and therefore the number of remote queue definitions grows rapidly.
30 Therefore, it is by definition private.