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No. sentence
1 We can disable this behavior by defining the closure to be static.
2 When you kick off a new search, Step One is defining your ideal candidate.
3 In one of the defining phrases of 2007, the author and investor Nassim Taleb has called these occurrences "black swans" -unexpected events that have enormous consequences.
4 It provides a framework to engage the human resources and legal departments in defining a social media policy.
5 You can extend it by defining a variable name.
6 In addition to the predefined fields, you can add extra custom fields to the extension mappings by defining custom attributes on the mappings.
7 George Osborne, shadow chancellor, dubbed it "a defining moment in the record of Gordon Brown" and said millions of British families were "in for a very difficult time in the months ahead".
8 If you want to pass on values to your team, start by defining what those values mean to you.
9 Love, while it sometimes leads to folly, is nonetheless the best catalyst there is for defining ourselves and identifying our task.
10 Defining proper governance should therefore be a core part of defining and implementing a new technology introduction process.
11 SQL provides no mechanisms for defining and executing searches on these types of data.
12 The OMA DRM standard comes with a license that a user must agree to, defining what permission the content owner, content provider, or other member of the value chain can grant the user.
13 You could address this scenario by defining a new shell DTD that combines the reference topic with the programming domain, excluding the other domains.
14 You can rotate your square by defining how you draw your object.
15 Defining your values and principles: who are you?
16 It helps by defining the elements in each of the SOA layers and making critical architectural decisions at each level.
17 We start by defining the differences between a server hang and a server crash, and how you can go about solving examples of each.
18 While geographic coordinates can be used to represent point locations anywhere, they are not suitable for defining lines of appreciable length or computing distances.
19 You can use templates to replicate an entire database by defining replicates for each of the tables in the database at once.
20 That’s very satisfying, to produce some of the defining results for our field.
21 Defining a correlator or set of correlators and a mechanism for their exchange.
22 Another approach involves defining a new interface for every transaction on the system.
23 We need to enable port 6444 to accept SSL communication and bind it to our service by defining a new virtual host on that port.
24 The capabilities for defining the different types of products and their attribution you want to manage.
25 For example, all element and attribute types used for defining lists would be in one module, and element types geared toward presentation would be in another module.
26 report on the survey said that is' possibly because they do not view their extreme wealth as defining their success.
27 Unlike an abstract type, an interface cannot declare components or data; it is used instead as the basis of defining the signatures of subprograms that can be invoked.
28 Within the integration layer, SCA components can be composed by defining references and using wires, which we will focus on in this article.
29 But on this January night - at this defining moment in history - you have done what the cynics said we couldn't do.
30 Creating the CSV files requires defining which delimiter to use (a comma [,]), and which fields to quote; I opted to quote all non-numeric fields.