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deep bodies in a sentence

1. Pond tadpoles tend to have deep bodies, large caudal fins and small mouths;

2. Full hollow-body guitars have large, deep bodies made of glued-together sheets, or "plates", of wood.

3. Tilapia typically have laterally compressed, deep bodies.

4. The former are termed bathysomes—"deep-bodies", from Ancient Greek bathýs (βᾶθύς) "deep" + sōma (σῶμα) "body"—and the latter taeniosomes—"ribbon-bodies", Greek tainía (ταινία) "ribbon".

5. Species of the Corydoradinae are of small size (maximum about 9 cm (3.5 in) in standard length) and are easily distinguished from other callichthyids by their deep bodies and short maxillary barbels.

6. However, these larvae also have a number of unusual characteristics, such as remarkably deep bodies in the Cyematidae, long lower jaws in the Eurypharyngidae, and unique pigmented swellings at the ends of the gut in Saccopharyngidae and Eurypharyngidae.

7. They have downward-facing mouths, deep bodies, and tails with broad dorsal and ventral fins.

8. The following table includes interior dimensions and volumes for the 5, 8, and 10 frame shallow, medium, and deep bodies/supers.

9. Most telescopes have deep bodies and long, flowing finnage, with characteristic protruding eyes, but the original is fan-tailed and has a similar body to the fantail goldfish, from which they are derived.

10. Things that are omitted from the game are the ability to climb and the ability to swim – contact with deep bodies of water is instantly fatal.

11. Furthermore, lionheads have short but deep bodies, and relatively straight or evenly arched backs without dorsal fins.

12. The formation of the Bernese consisted of one or more haufen, deep bodies of infantry.

13. Species of this genus have rounded, wider than deep bodies;

14. However, adult banded killifish have been observed to travel into deep bodies of water to feed.

15. Due to Washington's geography which features large, deep bodies of water with many peninsulas and islands, ferries are a natural means of connecting communities in the region.

16. The combination of these two effects means that the bottom of most deep bodies of water located well away from the equatorial regions is at a constant 3.98 °C. Air conditioners are heat pumps.

17. Thalassophobia can include fear of being in deep bodies of water, fear of the vast emptiness of the sea, of sea waves, sea creatures, and fear of distance from land.

18. One would also run into lakes and rivers since Amanlanhigs are scared of deep bodies of water.

19. Fully grown adults are commonly 37 cm, although they have been recorded to grow up to 46 cm. When compared to other members of their genus, they can be distinguished by having small scales, and relatively deep bodies with steep profiles.

20. These abilities are advantageous to its survival in deep bodies of water where it has to compete for light.

21. Gulf ghost crabs are medium-sized ghost crabs with deep bodies, reaching a maximum overall body diameter of 6 in (15 cm).

22. African ghost crabs are medium-sized ghost crabs with deep bodies, reaching a maximum carapace width of 3.4 cm (1.3 in).

23. Ocypode brevicornis are large ghost crabs with deep bodies.

24. Lethrinops mylodon has a very deep-body and a large head and eye, it can be told apart from Lethrinops gossei by the lack of a V-shaped incisionc in the upper mandible and by having less lower gillrakers, L. myodon has 12–14 compared to L. gossei which has 18–20. The massively enlarged molar-like pharyngeal teeth distinguish this species from all the other deep-bodies species in the genus Lethrinops.