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decimated in a sentence

1. Whole villages were "decimated".

2. These mutineers were then decimated;

3. Immediately, Limestone was decimated.

4. Heusden was decimated.

5. All the auxiliary fauna is decimated."

6. Allied bomber strength was decimated.

7. Ingham was decimated, but repaired.

8. Whole villages have been "decimated".

9. It decimated the Mandan.

10. Yellow fever had decimated the French;

11. Whole villages have been "decimated".

12. Saruman's army is decimated.

13. The Wiyot people were thus decimated.

14. his followers were decimated.

15. The Osage decimated Cherokee.

16. The Liberals were decimated;

17. The population was decimated.

18. The unit was decimated by the battle.

19. its Jewish minority was decimated.

20. The Red Army garrison was decimated.

21. The tribe was decimated by disease;

22. Most of the population was decimated.

23. Tribes can easily be decimated.

24. Saruman's army is decimated.

25. The tribe was decimated by disease.

26. The partisans were decimated.

27. The population was decimated.

28. the native population was decimated.

29. epidemics decimated the population.

30. It was decimated.