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decentralization in a sentence

1. Decentralization enhances the democratic voice.

2. further necessary decentralization can be stymied;

3. decentralization of access control;

4. It is a form of administrative decentralization.

5. As culture flourished, so did decentralization.

6. decentralization... limited progress."

7. decentralization;

8. The automobile accelerated this decentralization;

9. administrative decentralization."

10. political decentralization and regional autonomy".

11. The JMO also favoured decentralization of the state.

12. We find that decentralization works better.

13. Jones believed in the decentralization of theater.

14. Decentralization of the department began in 1974.

15. a decentralization of doctrinal authority;

16. These media tend to favour decentralization.

17. The decentralization process remained very slow.

18. and decentralization of the health sector.

19. fiscal decentralization;

20. These media tend to favour decentralization.

21. (New forms of decentralization).

22. Vollrath completed decentralization in January 1989.

23. The Ministry of Decentralization was abolished.

24. "...I favor as much decentralization as possible;

25. deconcentration and decentralization of the State;

26. decentralization.

27. • Realizing federal-level decentralization.

28. Decentralization from Uganda Management Institute.

29. decentralization... limited progress."

30. But decentralization raises problems of its own.