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decentralised in a sentence

61. Like other Nordic countries, Finland decentralised its economy since the late 1980s.

62. The Rasta movement is decentralised and organised on a largely sectarian basis.

63. Nonetheless, Queensland is the second most decentralised state in Australia after Tasmania.

64. The various Igbo-speaking communities were historically fragmented and decentralised;

65. Decentralised mobilisations have been accompanied by strong central demonstrations.

66. According to James Obelkevich, Primitive Methodism was more decentralised and democratic.

67. It was one of the first fully enclosed decentralised shopping centres in South Africa.

68. Gandhi tried in all his Ashrams a system of self-sufficiency and decentralised economies.

69. a decentralised cryptocurrency is fiat money but one without a central banking system.

70. There are four decentralised units, called "Protection, observation, support &

71. The Consorci is deliberately decentralised based on 22 language normalisation centres.

72. Since then, the management of the school has been divided for decentralised administration.

73. The highly decentralised nature of this party stems from a belief in municipalism.

74. It aimes at a decentralised (city-to-city) cooperation between Europe and Asia.

75. It also coordinates and supports the operations of the decentralised investigation bureaux.

76. City of Sydney London Climate Change Agency Woking Borough Council Decentralised energy

77. The decentralised and autonomous institutions of the Ministry of Finance, are:

78. The Committee had to evolve an effective decentralised system of development for PRIs.

79. It envisioned decentralised control by Spain, and the strongest possible local government.

80. (decentralised energy production) This should enhance quality and lower costs.

81. In this concept, state power is decentralised by letting small, local councils govern.

82. In contrast to other European socialist parties, the SFIO was a decentralised organization.

83. This was the final season of decentralised administration of football in Victoria;

84. The highly decentralised nature of this party stems from a belief in municipalism.

85. This provides advantages when sand-boxing and handling decentralised data flows.

86. The construction of the centre marked the beginning of decentralised higher education.

87. The group's decentralised structure allows individual groups to act on their own.

88. Decentralised reporting protocols are also less mature than their centralised counterparts.

89. There will be still more devolution in one of Europe's most decentralised countries.

90. decentralised organisation along lines of business and a centralised functional structure.