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1 PP now runs 11 of Spain's 17 autonomous governments; this matters in a decentralised country where regional administrations accounted for almost a third of the overall budget deficit last year.
2 He suggests that the building should instead resemble a decentralised ecological system and should be made up of many independent sensors and actuators.
3 Small-scale, decentralised, ver-satile, nonhierarchical enterprises were the order of the day.
4 Bitcoin, the world’s “first decentralised digital currency”, was devised in 2009 by a programmer called Satoshi Nakomoto (thought not to be his, or her, real name).
5 risk outlined by the EBA is the fact that digital currencies remain decentralised and they can be created and changed by anyone with enough computational power, anonymously.
6 In some respects, decentralised policies make sense-local and state politicians are better suited to tackle divergent needs.
7 control is to be decentralised, with RDAs, which report to central-government ministries, replaced by "local-enterprise partnerships" between regional businesses and councils.
8 He ran a brilliantly decentralised campaign.
9 There are to be decentralised health exchanges at the state level, and individual health providers can make their own choices on HIT—so long as those systems meet the rules on meaningful use.
10 To counter this, Chinese activists are returning to older, decentralised, Internet services such as E-mail and chat rooms.
11 expectation was that today’s decentralised and global system would spread risk and reduce the economic impact of a financial shock.
12 There will be still more devolution in one of Europe's most decentralised countries.
13 bank's managers put its success down to an extremely decentralised management model, introduced in 1972 after a period when Handelsbanken had got into trouble.
14 The first would be to use URNs, particularly since they already provide a decentralised registry.
15 decentralised organisation along lines of business and a centralised functional structure.
16 That is hard in decentralised Spain, where 17 regional governments account for 37% of public spending.
17 That is one reason why decentralised market processes tend to work well.
18 For example, he could channel more federal money into decentralised trusts and so bypass the state governors and their lackeys altogether.
19 Hiring for Canada's public sector has been decentralised, allowing those who are closest to the job to make the selection.
20 Not only are decentralised organisations more efficient, they are also the inevitable consequence of technological progress.
21 applies I think to any format for use over the web or in a decentralised system, not just XML.
22 Entrenched vested interests and a decentralised system-with much of the day-to-day decision-making controlled by 16,000 school districts-combine to squash most promises of improvement.
23 envisioned as a decentralised world-wide information space for sharing machine-readable data with a minimum of integration costs"?
24 problem of decentralised control of a class of interconnected non -linear systems, possessing a certain similarity property, via estimated state feedback has been studied in detail.
25 decentralised approach moves forward unevenly, step by step, in a way that is sometimes hard for a more hierarchical planner to accept.
26 Dubai's borrowing had become so decentralised that it took months for officials to work out the level of DW's debts.
27 Social networks are particularly useful for self-organised nationalist communities that are decentralised and lack a clear structure.
28 This trend from decentralised to centralised recruiting reflects a need to economise and a glut of applicants.
29 Other organisational tactics pioneered in this time include affinity groups, security culture and the use of decentralised technologies such as the Internet.
30 According to Davis, "[w]hile these visions range from the predominantly individualistic to the predominantly communitarian, features common to virtually all include an emphasis on self-management and self-regulatory methods of organisation, voluntary association, decentralised society, based on the principle of free association, in which people will manage and govern themselves".