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1 The financial settlement underscores two of the dilemmas involved in decentralisation.
2 Put these into the context of centralisation and de-centralisation of business control and activities.
3 outside of Europe this de-centralisation of political and fiscal power makes the whole Eurozone untenable, indeed Greece may well end up being the straw that broke the camel's back.
4 Another largely successful reform is the radical decentralisation that has seen a big chunk of public-sector spending and power devolved to local levels.
5 new guidelines promise to intensify the decentralisation of the economy that raul favours (and Fidel opposed), granting wide autonomy to state companies.
6 Greg Clark, the minister for cities and decentralisation, insists that the draft planning-policy framework is "thoroughly localist".
7 Meanwhile Mr Ozawa is promising rural voters even more goodies than the ldp-which is perhaps why it does not emphasise decentralisation more.
8 The article mentions Tongzhou, which began developing as a satellite town - or at least as a dormitory suburb - before the Beijing government even announced its plans for decentralisation.
9 FOR all its vaunted decentralisation, the Internet is a top-down affair when it comes to security.
10 difficult of all for a new AK government to accept will be the case for decentralisation and more regional autonomy.
11 The public could debate energy policy and decentralisation. Voters could even decide whether to raise consumption taxes.
12 Management scholars such as William Ouchi, of the University of California, Los Angeles, argued that decentralisation had saved American businesses; it could save schools too.
13 top concerns used to be the law and decentralisation. Now the second-biggest worry is the labour market. Top of the list, however, is infrastructure.
14 The political imperative to equalise local resources and outcomes seems unlikely to go away any time soon, making it tough to turn the rhetoric of decentralisation into reality.
15 Decentralisation of the current effort is essential.
16 Growth is also held back by red tape. Much of this stems from Spain's exaggerated decentralisation.
17 The irony of driving decentralisation from the centre is not lost on senior figures.
18 The SPLM was supposed to be different, for fiscal and political decentralisation," he says.
19 The core of the plan is the decentralisation of the state, giving Serbian areas much autonomy.
20 Such companies have open communications systems and decentralisation of resources.
21 David Cameron's Britain has embarked on the toughest fiscal tightening and most drastic decentralisation of any big, rich country. The stakes are high. So are the risks.
22 Poland, like Ontario, illustrates the virtues of decentralisation.
23 two most interesting arguments in "the Concept of the Corporation" actually had little to do with the decentralisation fad. They were to dominate his work.
24 We believe in autonomy and decentralisation, but centralise a few core values.
25 I think there will be a move towards greater decentralisation and the use of market mechanisms," he says.
26 federal decentralisation", as he called it, is said to have taken only a month to set up, but its results were enduring and dramatic.
27 Much of this stems from Spain's exaggerated decentralisation.
28 Hence, it might be true to say that anarchism is a cluster of political philosophies opposing authority and hierarchical organisation (including capitalism, nationalism, the state and all associated institutions) in the conduct of all human relations in favour of a society based on decentralisation, freedom and voluntary association.
29 In 1992, the Law on the Programme of Privatisation and Decentralisation of Incompletely Constructed Facilities established a state privatisation committee, with members from all political parties.
30 Critics described this as a hybrid decentralisation.