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1 few people know about him is that he has left behind a trail of emotional destruction, having spent decades abusing vulnerable individuals for his own twisted purposes.
2 The plan for the rocket is indeed a good one, but if recent decades are any indication, the prospects of anyone ever seeing it fly are murky at best.
3 In this region, drought, crop failure, livestock deaths, and human starvation ravage the Horn of Africa in the worst food security crisis experienced in decades.
4 All these proposals were designed to create the New Sudan that southerners dream of: an integrated, federal and multiethnic nation that, for the first time in decades, could live at peace with itself.
5 touch and keen ear, she had spent decades chronicling the ambivalent desires of her self-absorbed cohort.
6 Although the number of monks in most monasteries has declined over the decades, Mount Athos has enjoyed a revival in the last 25 years.
7 They are wrong to do so when we consider the causes of energy and food challenges, and, more importantly, when we think of the actions and policies needed to manage changes in coming decades.
8 we know from a couple of decades of Usenet and other on-line discourse, there is no such thing as consensus on programming tools.
9 It can and should use the best practices we have learned over decades of software development and system engineering.
10 ONE could hardly think of an unlikelier trophy for a billionaire businessman than Newcastle United Football Club, which has won no significant competition for decades.
11 transition to open societies in states accustomed to decades of repression cannot be anything but chaotic.
12 All the American power and prestige Gates had fought for decades to preserve was disappearing.
13 This includes our closest Allies - nations like the United Kingdom, France, Canada, Denmark, Norway, Italy, Spain, Greece, and Turkey - all of whom have fought by our sides for decades.
14 But it also laid the groundwork for nearly three decades of growth and the emergence of new sectors like information technology and biotech.
15 Greeks - and Greece - may have lived beyond their means for decades, but as they point out, so did many others, including Americans.
16 In his last three decades, however, his focus shifted to the preservation of rivers and the well-being of the tribes who lived in the unexploited forest.
17 He pointed out the window to the highway and said that it had taken decades for Italy to build it, because of local opposition.
18 Despite the strides made in our understanding and treatment of mental illness in the past two decades, many mental health concerns are still misunderstood and stigmatized.
19 It stayed with me for decades.
20 he needed back surgery to relieve pain caused from decades of walking.
21 take decades for researchers tounravel all the reasons we eat what we do, and why we like to eat somuch of it.
22 The next generation of astronauts may hurtle through the cosmos for years or decades on a mission to explore distant planets and stars - and never return.
23 If not, the world faces decades of hostility and mistrust.
24 And the sad thing is that it could take us decades of pursuing wealth and luxury items before we realize this.
25 Thefuture of exploration should not rely on the decades old technology thatpowered us to the moon.
26 These are real attributes of real bosses, culled from decades of observation, which motivate and inspire employees to perform at their best.
27 The university student today may spend less of his time studying than students decades ago, but I see no evidence that he's lazier.
28 But, that could take decades, so backwards compatibility will be crucial for the foreseeable future.
29 And as these things go: the languages or ideas of the future have been around for decades.
30 Decades ago, a few super smart people began studying code hoping to define a system of measurements that could correlate to defects.