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1 's striking about the contrast between the Texas story and Georgia's debacle is that it doesn't seem to have anything to do with the issues that have dominated debates about banking reform.
2 IT IS one of the oldest debates in education. Should teachers tell pupils the way things are or encourage them to find out for themselves?
3 Are the ethical debates about technological change keeping pace with the development of new technologies?
4 All of our debates and discussions have meaning only when they improve the health of people and relieve their suffering.
5 Yet each era's debates and decisions change the stage for the challenges to come.
6 Debates over the accuracy of the counts will not be laid to rest.
7 study used 10-second long silent video clip extracts of debates from 58 gubernatorial elections between 1988 and 2002. Some 264 subjects participated in the study.
8 Such are the debates that have raged while you - the Daily Telegraph readership - have cast your votes for the worst-looking cars of all time.
9 As leaders ponder this prospect - and wade into nasty debates about pension cuts, incentives to have children and immigration expansion - some experts tell us not to worry.
10 Once our debates roused a passion that came to the newspapers and the streets.
11 It began with debates in which four candidates, all steeped in the history of this regime, leveled accusations of all sorts at each other.
12 Amid the din, it is easy to forget quite how American history has shaped these debates.
13 I've participated in many of these debates, as have some of you.
14 Her studies of the House show women introduce more bills, participate more vigorously in key legislative debates and give more of the one-minute speeches that open each daily session.
15 We owe our young people something better - and the solution is not that complicated, although it is amazing how little it is discussed in the Washington policy debates.
16 But if you look at the debates we had on Vietnam, Iraq, and so forth, ending the war became defined as the withdrawal of forces and as the primary if not the exclusive exit strategy.
17 Right now, online, we are having many debates about anonymity and identity.
18 that means being honest about the problem, and getting past the false debates that divide the country rather than bring it together.
19 The fight over bird flight evolution is one of the longest-running and most heated debates in paleontology.
20 Mr Hicks's film veers away from these debates.
21 Autos would seem to be an unnecessary diversion for Google, which has its hands full with debates over copyright law enforcement, rogue drug ads, and censorship in China.
22 The use of unmanned aerial vehicles in a country where U.S. forces are not able to conduct ground operations has stirred heated debates over the legality, effectiveness, and morality of these strikes.
23 Almost four years before the next election is due, Mr Miliband need not have a detailed manifesto. But he should at least have a voice in these crucial debates.
24 Ford nearly came back to win the election that year, but stumbled in one of his debates with Carter when he tried to argue that Eastern Europe was not controlled by the Soviet Union.
25 He said McCain suggested suspending the debates, but added the announcement caught him by surprise.
26 Even the debates that took place before the 1707 union were largely among unionists rather than between nationalists and unionists, as modern nationalist historians would have it.
27 Thankfully, no one was privy to my intense internal debates about whether to include hand cream, or an extra pair of socks; they would have thought I’d lost my mind!
28 He says that thanks to the OSCE, Kazakhstan's younger generation has witnessed debates about democracy and progress that may have laid the ground for future reforms.
29 How do debates about translation get resolved?
30 But I chafe at the idea that great American debates, in all their ugliness and splendor, should be tempered for terrorists and their attempts to recruit.