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No. sentence
1 But debate swirled over the wording, such as whether the term "contributions" should be preferred to "actions".
2 my guess is that the atheism debate is going to be a sideshow. The cognitive revolution is not going to end up undermining faith in God, it's going to end up challenging faith in the Bible.
3 As the national debate over fiscal policy descends ever deeper into penny-pinching, future-killing absurdity, one voice is curiously muted - that of President Obama.
4 Should there be debate when it comes to applying agile in hardware development?
5 While the motives of those gathering in Denmark are honorable, their move is deeply unfortunate at a time when the climate change debate could benefit from more regular science and less politics.
6 Nonetheless it has caused a bubbling debate over the rights of offenders vis-a-vis ordinary citizens to boil over.
7 What investors need to see before then, the report noted, is the emergence and debate of credible budget plans, with an eye toward implementation after the election in 2012.
8 However, he cautioned, other research groups may well challenge the conclusion of the latest study, and the debate may have some way to run.
9 The debate about logos reveals something interesting about power as well as passion.
10 His speech cooled the debate that threatened a complete break between the North and South.
11 BBC political correspondent Mike Sergeant says the chancellor has entered this increasingly tense debate, but at the same time making it clear he has a good relationship with Dr Fox.
12 He abstained from voting at the end of the debate.
13 There is some debate, however, as to whether results on individual tests of specific abilities may be more helpful than results on tests of broader factors, like general intelligence.
14 If it is too soon to panic, there is a clear case for informed debate around a complex subject laden with cultural and ethical considerations.
15 But if the first human clones turn out sickly or malformed, desperate couples who take the risk may find that they're lost a whole lot more than just a theoretical debate.
16 The debate on how sauropods held their necks will no doubt go on, but I think the scientists put forth a pretty strong argument.
17 You'll read more about it in the Peter Gray textbook and more about it in the Norton readings on development, but just to raise this as an interesting area of debate.
18 But they have not yet been published, so under the rules of scientific debate he cannot use them to support his position.
19 entry for "chocolate", for instance, looks smooth until a series of ragged zigzags reveals an item of text being repeatedly removed and restored as an arcane debate rages.
20 Hillary and I went into Ypsilanti with our crew a day early to prepare for the last debate on the campus of the Michigan State University in East Lansing.
21 But as I listened to the dinner debate - over perfectly cooked lamb - there was a surprising sense of deja vu.
22 Fuelled by nationalist opinion, a debate is under way within China's elite over whether now is the time for the country to stand up.
23 For all the uncertainties in this debate, three things are beyond dispute.
24 Cucumbers for eye bags. There's a lot of debate over whether or not there are any actual moisturizing effects or transfer of vitamins or emollients from using cucumber slices to get rid of eye bags.
25 This debate is not about whether the supply of oil, a finite resource, could some day stop growing.
26 eve of the second debate, I was still struggling.
27 She welcomed debate, particularly on the issues of revenue and advertising.
28 In debate he often parlays his voice into fame.
29 As I mentioned earlier, all of these ideas are up for debate.
30 As we consider that whatever the term might be, there can always be some debate about it, it is not up to us to decide whether these reported defects were actual defects or not.