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No. sentence
1 DE Raadt published the email to a Gmane newsgroup, inviting the users of the IPsec code to audit it in order to find out if the allegations are true.
2 Without or without mediation, the DE facto division of Libya into an autonomous eastern safe haven and embittered West could be acquiring a more concrete form.
3 We are not drinking,” De Smet emphasized.
4 Eerie and otherworldly, Salar DE Uyuni holds intensely blue skies, red and green lagoons, pink flamingos, smoking volcanoes, giant cacti, hot springs and spitting geysers.
5 More than 100 of Europes largest one in the Arc DE Triomphe.
6 Both parties were not disinterested, " he said."My sense is that a de facto decision was made by both partiesto adopt this mercantile paradigm."
7 creamy cheese, the cow-grazed Vallée de Munster is one of the loveliest valleys in the Vosges.
8 After Lyapunov function is DE - rived, with theoretical analysis, energy-based control design method is discussed in order to solve the global stability problem.
9 Based on the ring geometrical model, the calculation formulae of ring diameters were DE rived and the relations between ring diameters, thickness and the rolling feeding amount were established.
10 Business Process Reengineering (BPR) is a new administrative philosophy and method de- rived from America in 1990s.
11 Based on this condition some equations and the iterative procedure are DE - rived.
12 anticoagulant mechanism , structure-activity relationships and clinical applications of anticoagulants de rived from leeches were classifiedly reviewed.
13 general equations of motion, mass conservation, continuity and energy are DE - rived for the aerated turbulent water flow.
14 In the depiction of Mona Lisa's head, this skill in surface painting is supported by Leonardo's knowledge of the skull beneath the skin DE rived from his studies in anatomy.
15 mushroom growers-though the mushroom in the frescoes, painted in the past few decades, is not the famous champignon DE Paris, the common button mushroom that was grown in the quarries.
16 Her latest book, animals Make Us human, is an amazing tour DE force of animal-human relationships, with chapters on our companion animals, as well as on livestock, wildlife, and zoos.
17 But the torta de milanesa de res — or breaded beef cutlet sandwich — was the highlight, bathed in beans, topped with white cheese, jalapeños and avocado on a roll dusted with flour.
18 All eyes will turn to sultry Rio DE Janeiro when it hosts the 2016 Olympic Games, but right now Brazil's white-hot destination may be the northeastern state of Bahia.
19 Baia DE Todos OS Santos, Brazil - enjoy the Bahia's typical dance and culture, and have a great time surfing on the beach!
20 the first capital of Brazil, from 1549 to 1763, Salvador DE Bahia witnessed the blending of European, African and Amerindian cultures.
21 Starring Charles During and Robert F. Lyons. Directed by Frank DE Felitta. In a small town, a wrongfully killed man exacts revenge on those who murdered him beyond the grave. Runtime: 100 min.
22 Puerto Maldonado is the capital of Peru’s Madre de Dios region (similar to an American state), which abuts Bolivia and Brazil.
23 Bill DE hora in a comment to the post disagrees.
24 Manchester City midfielder Nigel DE Jong believes his club's victory in the pre-season Dublin Super Cup bodes well for the campaign ahead.
25 Ms. de Larrocha said that once her aunt locked the instrument, she banged her head on the floor until Marshall relented and began to teach her.
26 The famous Copacabana song may have been about a New York nightclub but almost everyone has heard of this amazing beach in Rio de Janeiro.
27 But instead of accepting what is obvious to everyone else, the producers of Anonymous offer us an alternative Bard - the willowy Edward DE Vere, Earl of Oxford.
28 With its world-famous landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower and the Arc DE Triomphe, and its wide, tree-lined streets, Paris is one of the most beautiful cities in the world.
29 Oppenheimers may have decided that De Beers is past its prime, and opted to turn their “glass with attitude” into cash.
30 former prime minister, Dominique DE Villepin, has also been tried in connection with a smear campaign and is awaiting a verdict.