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day length in a sentence

31. The cues involve temperature change, lunar cycle, day length, and possibly chemical signalling.

32. Flowering is triggered by day length, often beginning once days become shorter than 12.8 hours.

33. Female stoats are usually only in heat for a brief period, which is triggered by changes in day length.

34. Many long-distance migrants appear to be genetically programmed to respond to changing day length.

35. Short day length promotes asparagine formation, whereas glutamine is produced under long day regimes.

36. Spring leaf budding by the European beech is triggered by a combination of day length and temperature.

37. Each moult takes about 3–4 weeks and is governed by day length and mediated by the pituitary gland.

38. The winter moult is instigated not by a change in temperature but by a change in day length.

39. As the day length shortens, stolons grow out of the stems and then develop into tubers.

40. Plants with compromised perception of day length have compromised cold acclimation.

41. Beginning in early March, the days begin to warm noticeably along with rapidly increasing day length.

42. This shows how important both of the photoreceptors are in regards to determining day-length.

43. The rule is also useful for estimating the monthly change in sunrise/set and day length.

44. Likewise the day length changes by 0:30, 1:00, 1:30, 1:30, 1:00 and 00:30 each month.

45. Breeding is known to be strongly influenced by day length, temperature, and precipitation."

46. Until the correct amount of day length is reached, the plants ensure no flowering results.

47. Birds, for example, migrate using cues such as the approaching weather or seasonal day length cues.

48. However, it is the number of hours of darkness that affects a plant’s response to day length.

49. Short-day plants are those that flower when the day length is less than a critical duration.

50. Seasonal day length fluctuations are not needed but could help to stimulate breeding.

51. However, it adapts well to variations in soil type, humidity, temperature and day length.

52. When growth elongation is complete, day length is reduced to 8 hours using a blackout curtain.

53. Successful breeding in these regions depends more on available forage than on day length.

54. The reproductive cycle of red algae may be triggered by factors such as day length.

55. Many external cues also regulate the initiation, such as day length, irradiance, and temperature.

56. They require warm dry weather as major growth period and longer day length for flowering.

57. P. ahipa is a short-day plant, so flowering takes place under decreasing day length.

58. Unlike B. socotrana, B. samhaensis flowers after rain and is not reliant on short day-length.

59. and arguing that the eight-day length of Hanukkah is unrelated to the oil miracle.

60. Nonetheless, the photoreceptors are required for measuring the day length and detecting moonlight.