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day length in a sentence

1. Day length and insolation intensity also controls the extent of the photic zone.

2. Day length drops to less than five hours between 2 December and 10 January.

3. 'seven'), referring to the seven-day length of this period.

4. this is the most efficient artificial day length.

5. Bulbing onions are day-length sensitive;

6. A day-length mechanism is also important.

7. The timing of migration seems to be controlled primarily by changes in day length.

8. The primary physiological cue for migration is the changes in the day length.

9. The stimulus for spawning is believed to be day length.

10. This sensitivity to day length is termed photoperiodism.

11. Plants make use of the phytochrome system to sense day length or photoperiod.

12. They are short day plants which require around 11-13.5 hours of day length.

13. Its present-day length is 52 kilometres.

14. Insects may also respond to changing day length as well as relative day length.

15. The tape is removed after one week and cut into day-length sections.

16. At this point, 501 Queen was at its maximum and present-day length.

17. Different snails respond to day length in different ways.

18. Change in day length is another factor.

19. Temperatures and day length have been found to influence development.

20. The gametophyte phase only produces gametes when day length is long;

21. This is probably triggered by day length.

22. The increasing day length triggers the growth of nutritious ice-algae.

23. their growth is mediated by water temperature and day length.

24. The Fair expanded to its current 10-day length by 1994.

25. Does are fertile all year long although day length can affect that some.

26. As day length increases the size of the clutch also increase.

27. Namely, their clutch size should decrease as day length increases.

28. S. rostrata is a short-day plant with a day length of 12–12.5 hrs.

29. An optimal day length of 18h is found to induce diapause termination.

30. Photoperiodism The response of an organism to changes in day length.