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damp soil in a sentence

1. Chlamydomonas is widely distributed in freshwater or damp soil.

2. Damp soil is used to keep the initial twigs connected.

3. However, it has longer leaves and grows on damp soil or gravel nearby very shady streams.

4. They may occur when metal artifacts are buried in contact with organics under damp soil.

5. Angelica grows only in damp soil, preferably near rivers or deposits of water.

6. Females will bury their silken egg case in the damp soil near a stream.

7. larvae dwell in the damp soil.

8. In the wild, it commonly grows in areas of damp soil, such as wetlands.

9. Savernake has areas of damp soil, but no streams.

10. After mating, the female makes a nest of several eggs in damp soil between the rocks.

11. The mature female lays variable batches of eggs, usually in damp soil or litter.

12. Damp soil in contact with the cooling tube conducts heat more efficiently than dry soil.

13. A rammed earth wall is built by placing damp soil in a temporary form.

14. It is useful for grazing on heavy and damp soil.

15. The second instar larvae are mobile in damp soil and invade suitable roots.

16. It evidently lay on side b in damp soil, probably in a cave, for many years.

17. U. albocaerulea grows as a terrestrial plant in damp soil and on wet rocks.

18. There they join other species to sip water from damp soil to obtain nutrients for mating.

19. It prefers damp soil that is rich in humus, and receives dappled sunlight.

20. The eggs are laid in damp soil.

21. Males are sometimes found puddling in damp soil or wet rock.

22. E. livida larvae are also carnivorous and live in damp soil and leaf litter.

23. It burrows in damp soil and rotting vegetation, and possibly in ant and termite colonies.

24. The oriental mole cricket lives underground in damp soil, digging a network of passages.

25. Gönen means "damp soil" in Turkish and may also refer to:

26. This vine is hardy in zones 9 and above, liking full sun and consistently damp soil.

27. Females deposit as many as 400 eggs via an ovipositor into damp soil.

28. The larvae are found in damp soil underneath plants and under mosses.

29. It is cultivated as an ornamental, preferring a semi-shaded position with damp soil.

30. Males are sometimes found puddling in damp soil or wet rock.