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No. sentence
1 In this he reflects the daily humiliations of living in Mumbai.
2 The finance minister cautions action should not be taken based on the daily gyrations of the Mumbai stock market.
3 On the last day of this series on cutting your food costs, I'd like you to choose two from each day and begin implementing them into your daily life.
4 The book is a way to "fish money from the pockets of the angry youth and angry elderly," wrote one critic in the China youth Daily.
5 China Daily bannered the news that the American President would visit China.
6 There is an NNTP server for usenet-like access and complex search queries can be saved, and new or updated entries that match the query can be sent as daily E-mail notifications.
7 on AIX systems by default, there are two shell scripts that are normally commented out (/usr/lib/sa/sa1 and /usr/lib/sa/sa2) that provide daily reports on the activity of the system.
8 Yet although killings and explosions have become daily occurrences in these north Caucasian republics, in Moscow they are not considered to be attacks on Russia itself.
9 I generally write little vignettes about daily occurrences I’d like to remember, ” she said.
10 middle class in the Eastern world grows daily.
11 I beckoned him daily with a variety of comestibles, although sugar worked best.
12 But after lobbying by News International and the Daily Mail ministers agreed not to bring it into force.
13 Communication is something we all engage in on a daily basis but due to the pace of our lives conversations become just formalities.
14 Many of us do not have any set routines in our daily lives, and simply tackle our obligations, chores, and daily tasks haphazardly.
15 The author analyses the traditional three doctrines of corporation, and believes that the nature of the corporate should not be rigidly persevered in one theory, for the sake of daily practice.
16 I pay for all of these things, but I had nothing to do with the invention or discovery of these daily amenities.
17 We ought to regulate our daily life.
18 Group chat is slightly less common a need than IM, and is less useful for informal access in your daily workflows. But for certain use cases, only group chat will do.
19 costs of daily consumer goods have been hiked at two times.
20 Daily activities, such as walking up a short flight of stairs or carrying a suitcase, can become very difficult as the condition gradually worsens.
21 They deal daily with agonising ethical problems, such as whether to keep their husband/wife/mother/father safe, or to allow them freedom – can Dad still go fishing?
22 It's wonderful to see how many new gadgets and bizarre products have been released recently and we see more and more creativity in product design popping up daily.
23 After three hours' daily tutoring, he spent the rest of the day recording the 13 albums the Jacksons released for Motown between 1969 and 1975.
24 We talked daily. I spent more and more time at his apartment.
25 I hope these tips can help you in your daily work.
26 We all use it, whether consciously or unconsciously, in most of our daily affairs.
27 She concluded her speech by courageously singing“The Rose.”She challenged each of us to study the lyrics and live them out in our daily lives.
28 I ask her, genuinely curious, whether the people who work for her would ever eat, say, a bacon sandwich in the office, and she snaps at me for asking "a Daily Mail question".
29 Confusion, wandering and agitation are common with dementia, and usually any break in the daily routine only increases those reactions.
30 Using a coated aluminium mesh, he conservatively estimates that it is possible to collect about one litre of water daily from a mesh of one square metre.